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Everybody loves to decorate the home with beautiful patterns and designs, but most of us are clueless as to how to infuse different patterns to make them work cohesively. In order to maximize the “oomph” factor when it comes to interior designing using prints and patterns, there are some rules to take note of.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your next home and you will have no problems turning your humble abode into your own little piece of heaven that is sure to be the envy of your friends and family.

Rule #1

The colors should make sense

Nature themed.

While mixing patterns and prints will give off an eclectic feel to any room which may seem completely random, the truth is, the colors that are used should make sense. You should start off with one colorful piece, such as the green, foliage themed wallpaper, and select one or two shades of color off of that piece for other decorative accents or furniture piece.

Rule #2

Refrain from using all the patterns in one space


Remember to distribute your patterns and prints evenly over the entire space of a room, rather than have it all concentrated only on one side of the room which will make it seem like the room itself is lopsided and unbalanced.

Rule #3

Have patterned and printed items of varying sizes

Image source: Suntrust Verona

Varying sizes of prints and pattern

In order to avoid having patterns look cluttered and messy, the rule of thumb is to mix printed items of varying sizes in the same room. You can opt for 2 large pieces with 1 or 2 small pieces, the large piece is the bedsheet and the small pieces are the pillows. Another combination you can look to for added pizzazz to bring life to any room is to have 1 large piece, 1 medium piece and 1 small piece – image above has the patterned curtains that constitute the large item, the red printed armchair is the medium piece and the cushion (small piece) completes the combination.

Rule #4

Mix up different textures


Colors and patterns are not the only factors you have to consider when making patterns work; textures play an important role in bringing the entire room together as well. Consider having upholstered sofas paired with the sleekness of porcelain or a beautiful velvet cushion.

Rule #5

Throw in a solid color

Bold Patterns

Green room

With the myriad of absolutely stunning patterns and prints available for you to decorate your home with, it is easy to get caught up in beautifying any space with lots and lots of patterns. However, the one thing you definitely do not want to do is to overdo it when it comes to prints, especially if you have chosen bold patterns such as a leopard printed armchair. The best way to complement dizzying patterns is to throw in a solid color to ‘ground’ the room. If you have opted for a color theme for a room, like the green room above, have a large piece of furniture or statement piece in that color to bring balance to the space.

Make sure to remember all these tips when spicing up your very own #SuntrustHome, make it sheek or make it classy, it all depends on your preference!

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