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It can’t be denied, the scorching summer heat is here! It’s the season for us to go on our annual closet haul to get those bathing suits and swimming trunks in the works! Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? We’ve been denied a peaceful summer trip last year, and this year, it seems like travels are still a long way down the road. Yet, this doesn’t mean summer is entirely out of the picture! We can still recreate summer by going on our “travel-free” vacations that are way safer and will definitely bring us and our whole family way closer. Check out these summer tips on staging your 2021 travel-free weekend getaway:

  1. Camp under the stars

It’s already been a year since the pandemic hit, but we don’t have to let this situation hinder us from our dream camping! Camping doesn’t necessarily mean trekking by mountainsides and sleeping inside bean bags right in the middle of the forest with only a campfire on. Sometimes, camping is better done outside your home, within your backyard, in the middle of a peaceful and starry night, curled up with your family inside a warm, cozy tent while lit by a small campfire that used to roast marshmallows and hotdogs before bedtime. So why travel far when you can recreate this perfect star-gazing activity at home? Just throw some tents and build up a small fire pit. Tell each other bedtime stories while roasting marshmallows or barbecuing your favorite kinds of meat. The summer can be a lot more humid than usual, but night breezes are sure to be calming and comforting, especially when you’re in those sides of the South, like Laguna or Cavite.

  1. Set up a beach resort

But of course, a perfect summer getaway always includes beach getaways, right? So if your family still isn’t cheering up by the fact that you couldn’t go to the beach this year, try making them smile and even laugh by setting up your own beach resort. Of course, there’s still a risk of staging your little “picnic” with your family in the community amenity area, so the safest way is to do it all at home. You can take out (or buy) your biggest inflatable and fill it with water. Once done, add some pops of color by throwing in some vibrant lifesaver. Even add some sand and props for building sand castles for your kids to have extra fun. Set up one of the rooms or even your porch as your temporary cottage where you can grill some barbecues and have a boodle fight with your whole family. You can also choose from a resort under the sun or a shaded one. Either way, one thing is for sure –your family will definitely enjoy it.

  1. Visit a country – at home

If your travel plans this year includes country-hopping over Europe or exploring around the states of America and its diverse culture, well don’t pout just yet. You can still recreate that out-of-country getaway you have always dreamt for your family. First, pick a country and learn everything about it, including the geography, the culture, the traditions, and the food. Then, dress in traditional clothing, cook their food which you can all learn together via the internet, and play a game native to their culture. The idea will require a bit more effort as you need to be creative, but given that you’re doing it all at home, you can save a lot more energy and money.

  1. Staycation

We all know what staycation means. Everytime we hear the word, a few things automatically pop up in our heads – a weekend of utter relaxation showered with soothing spa treatments, swimming, picnics, and more that collectively represent a whole weekend of complete pleasure. Usually, we take staycations just to unwind from our busy days at week and to take some time off from the stress that life may bring, all while feeling nothing but calmness all day. Well, if you’re used to doing this inside hotels or resorts, you can definitely recreate your own staycation inside your home. And the big upside? You can tweak the activities based on how you want! It’s your own staycation program anyway so it’s all up to you. Stage your own massage therapy tent by asking your partner and your kids to do it. Take turns and actually enjoy and bond with the family while relaxing your back with fragrant oils. Pop up some wine in your tub and forget about all the stress while sinking your body in a refreshing bubble bath. Or settle down a quiet cozy corner while reading a book with your family. Summer getaways don't really have to be far, as long as you have your loved ones with you, it’ll surely be unforgettable.

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