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add color to your room

When thinking of adding colors into your room, you might automatically think of changing your wallpapers or painting your walls. But in reality, you can add color to your room without having to paint everything. Living in your own home gives you a lot of freedom to paint your interior however you want, whatever color you want, but if you’re not fond of replacing your wall accent from time to time, and regretting your color choice right after you’re done painting, then perhaps you should put down the brush and start painting your room with colors, but not literally. Here are some tips to help you out on adding colors into your home without the need to pick up a brush.

  1. Go for big, colorful art

Oversized masterpieces hanging on your walls can definitely add some spice into your home, and not only it adds new hues, it also enhances your home’s style and aesthetics. Do you even notice that when you go to a restaurant or a café, you often easily notice the big, colorful art designing the walls? Well, if you did, then it served its purpose right. Big artworks can take your eyes or your guests’ minds into something different, it accentuates your walls, and it instantly brightens up the room. Take a room painted in warm white, for instance. Once a big, colorful art is hanging in the middle of your living room, it instantly beautifies the interior and the white walls make it pop even better. Aside from colorful artworks, you can also go with tapestries.

  1. Throw in colorful pillows, carpet, and curtains

If you want to add color to your boring living room, you can experiment with mixing colors in the pillows, curtains, and even rug. You can use a custom color palette for this, where you can mix and match hues and accents. You can throw in sunny yellow pillows for example and mix in a gray or silver-hued rug. You can pair this as well with a grayish blue sofa set to blend in more hues. As for the curtains, you can mix in different patterns if you want to have additional patterns within your home, but if you already have a colourful artwork or tapestry hanging by your wall, then it would be a good idea to go with plain designs in your curtain. Make sure to blend the colors of the curtain to your rug, pillows, and sofa set as well, so it wouldn’t be an eyesore. If you are decorating a bedroom, then make sure to get the palette of the same family colors to play with inside your bedroom. Sheets to consider include the bed sheet, blanket, pillows, curtains, and even lampshade. If you have a wall that is colorful as well, you might want to pattern your color choices to the wall you currently have.

  1. Fill your home with plants

If you’re already a quarantine-made plantito or plantita, then this would be the easiest step for you. One of the most effective and not to mention, good for the mind and body, strategies in adding colors into your home is filling your interiors with plants. What’s more beautiful than bringing nature in? Top designers and bloggers are putting plants and trees into living spaces not just as an afterthought but as an intentional part of the design. Besides, when talking about color, plants don’t only give the green vibes but also provide additional colors to your aesthetics. Each plant has different tones and hues that when  mixed together can create a soothing, balanced effect. If you want to be a bit more aggressive in the colors then you can add flowers as well. Just make sure that the flowers and plants inside your home are easily maintained indoors, even with less sunlight. So, if you are tired of your boring plain white walls, then it’s the perfect time to start your home gardening! And as a bonus, you even get natural air humidifiers all day long!

  1. Accent with furniture

If you just recently moved into your new home and you’re looking for something that can spice up the boring white paint in your interior, one of the first things you can try is to accent it with your furniture. After all, when you just moved into a new home, it barely has furniture and appliances in it. So, you can play on it a little and spice up your furniture hunt while considering the colors that would go well with your walls. There are many furniture and appliances that are well-designed now, so it won’t be too impossible for you to discover the perfect colors to level up your plain indoors.

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