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Progress and Green Spaces: Why Pasig is a Gateway to a More Convenient, Sustainable City Living

Pasig City has been rising in popularity lately, and it's not just because of the city’s successful management of their own people during the pandemic, but because of a plethora of relevant factors that help ease city living. It is now one of the fastest evolving municipalities in terms of leisure, education, industrialization, and sustainable development.

There are two faces of Pasig City -the highly urbanized area, and the other half still attached to its historical roots. Until the 1970s, Pasig was a part of Rizal province. Because of this, Pasig is replete with a colorful history that reflects the remnants of its then provincial flair. Pasig is home to historical places and tourist attractions such as the Pasig Cathedral that has been around since the 18th century, and has become a historical landmark. Pasig is also where the famous Pasig City Museum and Lopez Memorial Museum is located, showcasing an array of the city’s culture and arts. It is also home to “Bahay na Tisa” or “House of Stone”, a historical structure and the only remaining “Bahay na Bato” in the area.

Today, Pasig retains this richness when it comes to modernity and infrastructure. The city is home to huge malls, parks, shopping complexes, and many business and corporate centers making it a highly sought-after business district. There are surely plenty of reasons not just to visit, but to live in Pasig City, and here are just some of them:

Sustainable Living

Pasig - The green city

Living in the middle of a bustling city can be a little draining. Everything sits just a few meters within reach, but a tranquil sleep seems to be a little too far to reach. Each day is a hustle, and green living seems impossible. Yet, Pasig City ensures that their urban area remains to be earth friendly through the city’s green campaign. While thinking and living green sounds only attainable in the outskirts of the city, Pasig makes it a possible goal to keep the city a sustainable one, to nurture growth today and for generations to come.

Through the city’s environmental policies such as the banning of styrofoam and plastic bag usage, the city is cruising its way to attaining its goal towards a “progressive and sustainable eco-city”. That vision alone is beyond attractive to settle in the urban area, not to mention the abundance of establishments spread across the city.

Carless Rides

One of many homebuyers’ priorities when choosing where to live is the convenience of the location.  At Pasig City, everywhere is a business district, and everything is within reach.

Living in the middle of an ultimately progressive city like Pasig, where central business districts (CBD) are just around the corner of residential enclaves, commuting is just a few-minute drive. No precious time will be wasted, giving you more time to rest, think, relax, and bond with your family and friends.

Moreover, since many CBDs are highly accessible,  commuting or going by car is not a problem. As Pasig City treasures sustainability, biking your way to the grocery store or even to work is highly encouraged.

Pasigreen bike share program

Apart from this, as Pasig City is equipped with water systems, the Pasig River Ferry Service can also be an option when going to and from your favorite leisure hubs.

Meanwhile, in Ortigas, there’s an effort to make the busy rat race a more liveable city during the weekends, as some roads are closed off to cars in order to allow residents to bike, walk, and jog freely around the city without worrying about safety.

Breaking barriers of urban life

Photo credit: Pasig RAVE website

Retreating into the depths of ultimate relaxation every weekend is no longer just a luxury but a need, especially after a week-long work load. However, Pasig does not only offer a sustainable and serene living space, but a remarkably convenient community as well. Oftentimes, living in the outskirts of the city seems a better option if you enjoy a peaceful, green, close-to-nature lifestyle, but the catch is that more often than not, these communities are far away from life’s necessities too. It's kind of hard to balance nature and modernity, but here in Pasig, you can have the best of both worlds! In Pasig City, you are literally surrounded by everything you need. The Pasig public market is just right around the corner, Tiendesitas is just a stone's throw away, and even Rustan’s marketplace is easily accessible. If you are looking for more rustic feels, there is Ortigas Park, Rainforest Adventure Experience (RAVE), and Kapitolyo Park to enjoy a stroll around. If you are a food fanatic, then you don’t have to worry as well, because scattered within the area are restaurants offering scrumptious dishes from worldwide cuisines, and are just a short delivery away from home.

Your gateway to a better life

Megaworld subsidiary, Suntrust Properties, Inc. offers this kind of living, seamlessly meeting the two faces of Pasig City, both urban and provincial. In Suntrust Kirana, the serene, sustainable environment you have always sought for in the countryside, and the remarkable convenience and secured progress you yearn for in the middle of the city, are all within reach. Pasig is truly a location to include in your options, from the utmost convenience, the rising business hubs, widening leisure centers, sustainable goals, and utmost security, urban life in Pasig surely leads to a brighter future. And if you settle in a home like Suntrust Kirana, all these perks are going to be better.

To rise along Urbano Velasco Avenue, this four-tower community brings you a lot closer to your needs --education, leisure, government, business, and many more. The spacious studio and 2-bedroom units also boast a plant box for each, encouraging a nature-friendly facade. The Modern-Asian inspired neighborhood also hosts a number of amenities that uphold sustainable living, so situating yourself in the middle of progress won’t hinder you from living green.

Artist's rendition of Suntrust Kirana amenities

Suntrust Kirana lets you live in the province while you’re in the city. Derived from the word “beautiful ray of light”, Kirana will surely usher light and ambition to your urban living that lets you kick start your convenient, eco-friendly, and better days.

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