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Suntrust Palm City Entry Marker

When you have a winning formula, capitalize on it.

That’s something trusted builder Suntrust Properties Inc. does for itself in adding Daphne, a three-bedroom, two-story duplex, to its stock of ideal homes in the 27.7-ha Palm City in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

Spacious homes

Daphne Model House
Daphne is the best possible home for those seeking a comfortable contemporary lifestyle.

Palm City initially offered three house models namely the two-story duplex Abigail, and the two-story Cathleen and Bridgette, but intends to make the homebuying market in the Mindanaoan city fall deeper in love with its promise of a carefree yet sophisticated lifestyle in offering Daphne.

Bridgette is a two-story home with 100.65 sqm of living space on a 120-sqm lot. It comes with a carport, three bedrooms, a toilet-and-bath and a powder room. For bigger households, Cathleen beckons with 155.70 sqm of living space on a 150-sqm lot. It has one more bedroom and two more toilet-and-baths than Bridgette. The option for startup families is Abigail, which is an 86.83-sqm home with three bedrooms and one toilet-and-bath—until Suntrust added Daphne, that is.

Daphne, like Abigail, rises on an 88-sqm lot. However, it has standard and premier options that give more and less of what Abigail can in terms of floor area. The first option gives 60 sqm while the second offers 90.40 sqm. Thus, Palm City can accommodate more setups and sensibilities.

Functional, practical, affordable

The Mandara Hana Model House
Hana was introduced to discerning homebuyers in 2008.

Daphne is a tried-and-tested formula for redefining modern living through functionality, practicality and affordability. As a matter of fact, the model house is home to nearly 700 families across various Suntrust projects in Luzon today.

Daphne has evolved in its pursuit of triumph. It was first introduced to discerning homebuyers in 2008 as Hana in The Mandara in Silang, Cavite. With homebuyers showing a strong interest in the modern lifestyle, Suntrust decided in 2009 to include the model in its Cyberville project in General Trias, Cavite, as Leia. Under the same name and with the same appeal, it became part of Suntrust Sentosa in Calamba, Laguna, in 2011. Finally, just last year, it became Sania in San Francisco Heights, also in Calamba.

Culmination of learnings

Each time, through the years, Daphne underwent tweaks that reflected the themes of each community—Mediterranean, Modern Asian, Contemporary, etc.—as well as the learnings Suntrust accumulated from continuing to grow as a company, all while grounding itself firmly on the needs and wants of Filipino homebuyers. After all, Suntrust has delivered well-curated, aesthetic neighborhoods that have easily become forever homes across the country since the company launched in 1997.

In placing Daphne in Palm City, Suntrust showcases a culmination of sorts for a beloved model—molded into one of the best possible homes for those seeking a comfortable contemporary life at a price they can afford. Add that to the Suntrust guarantee of highly accessible neighborhoods masterplanned with fine features and premium amenities, and it becomes so much clearer why Palm City equates to resort-like living every single day.

Palm City’s Daphne reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to adapt and innovate not simply to profit but also, and more importantly, to provide the best option to homebuyers.

Palm City equates to resort-like living every single day.


Philippine Daily Inquirer:  Vaughn Alviar, August 26, 2023