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2022's Finest: VIP DIVISION

Trusted developer Suntrust Properties Inc. and its Suntrustees are ready to seize the opportunities that 2023 has to offer.

That was the resounding declaration of over 500 participants at the company’s 2023 Sales Kickoff event held last Feb. 27 at the Palacio De Maynila in Pasay City, aptly dubbed, “I Am Limitless: Conquering Infinite Possibilities.”


(Left-Right) Suntrust president Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan, senior vice president Atty. Basilio Almazan, Jr. and first vice president Jerry R. Rubis
(Left-Right) Suntrust president Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan, senior vice president Atty. Basilio Almazan, Jr. and first vice president Jerry R. Rubis

The pandemic justified conservative targets, even excuses, but we now “need to restart our life and career at Suntrust,” company president Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan told the Suntrustees, who were all dressed to the nines for the exclusive black-tie event.

“You must realize that you have more power now that we are already free... Our power is now limitless,” he said.

Paltongan noted that, while pundits claim that skyrocketing inflation and an upcoming recession would affect postpandemic recovery, many other conditions favor property sellers. “There are postponed decisions over the pandemic and customers are now willing to spend,” he added. “We learned many tools and skills that made life easier over the pandemic... Together with the traditional methods that we return to now, digital means double our capacity to transact.”

On top of all that, he reminded the Suntrustees that “our projects ... are not just homes and roads but stories.” Siena connects to Romulus snd Remus, the legendary founders of Rome; while Verona is the setting of “Romeo and Juliet.” Suntrust Sentosa takes inspiration from the progressive city-state of Singapore. These projects carry not only stories from different corners of the globe, but also tasteful references to the aesthetics of those places.

Awarding, appreciation

Top Annual Awardees
I am Limitless: Top Annual Awardees

The event was also the Fourth Quarter and Annual Awards, wherein outstanding sales turnouts and loyalty to the company were feted. Top performers and loyalty awardees, along with the winners of special citations, received the star treatment—a grand red carpet welcome. Each attendee also enjoyed a heart-stopping performance from The Amazing Duo and an exciting raffle draw that gave away prizes such as new smartphones, laptops and appliances.

Suntrustees soar with pride and joy
Suntrustees soar with pride and joy

“Part of our appreciation for your efforts are ceremonies like this, proof that Suntrust loves you very much and honors your hard work as Suntrustees,” said Jerry R. Rubis, Suntrust first vice president for sales, marketing and training.

Paltongan also reminded the awardees of their responsibilities: “The first one is the responsibility to keep inspiring yourselves. The second one is for you to inspire others. In other words, you are a leader when you win an award because your duty is to influence others, to inspire others to be like you if not better than you.”

“It’s a cliche but let me say it again: In a journey of a thousand miles, there is always a first step. In the many opportunities, sometimes you will fail, sometimes you will succeed. What is important is, we try and we try and we try,” explained Suntrust senior vice president Atty. Basilio C. Almazan Jr.

“Our dear Suntrustees, always remember that we are here for you to provide infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities,” he further said, cautioning that none of them will bear fruit if they aren’t acted upon.

“What would be the reason why you cannot move forward? There would be no reason but yourself. Believe that you are indeed limitless and perhaps from now on, maybe until forever, always remind yourself that you are limitless,” Paltongan concluded.

Philippine Daily Inquirer:  Vaughn Alviar, March 11, 2023