Developments as bright as the sun | Suntrust Properties Inc.
Suntrust asmara-amenity-quezon city-condominium

Suntrust has created fulfilling jobs for many hardworking Filipinos. Suntrust Properties Inc. has proven itself worthy of Filipino homebuyers’ trust through a portfolio of exceptional addresses.

The company started providing bright and happy homes at affordable rates during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. It has since proven itself deserving of clients even in the mid-market demographic.

Today, the Megaworld Corp. subsidiary boasts of 40 subdivision and condominium developments from Baguio to Davao whose positive impacts ripple far beyond the homes and villages to the general population and larger communities.

1. Creating fulfilling jobs

suntrust asmara-quezon city-condominium

Suntrust Asmara's Architect Perspective

Suntrust has created jobs, giving hundreds of opportunities to people to join its salesforce or property management team, among others. Many employees will affirm the positive transformation in their lives because of their jobs at Suntrust.

Those positive stories are told during Suntrust’s anniversary celebrations and other occasions when the company gathers its people to honor past successes, celebrate by paying forward and look to the future with excitement.

The optimism comes from confidence in the salability of Suntrust products and the brand’s commitment to excellent after-sale service.

Suntrust Asmara on E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City, for instance, is near schools, hospitals and leisure and commercial destinations. Although centrally located, it is a low-density, Zen-inspired development whose integrity is protected by a skilled and dedicated staff.

2. Raising quality of life

Suntrust-Negros-the fountain grove-house and lot

Architect's perspective for community shot of The Fountain Grove

Pushing the envelope through unparalleled commitment to exemplary master-planning and world-class design, Suntrust offers homebuyers a new and better way of living. It gives diverse choices in homes, addressing people’s needs for privacy while providing opportunities to come together.

Suntrust reintroduces a sense of community through resort-like amenities. It gives priority to wellness through parks and open spaces and responds to the desire for varied experiences by locating near essential, cultural, recreational and retail spaces.

The Fountain Grove in Talisay City, an entry point to Negros Occidental, seeks to revolutionize the lifestyle in the host city and the rest of the province. Its modern look offers a charming contrast to the colonial mansions that have survived for decades while also promising the same sense of privilege through superb onsite development, exemplary amenities and security features.

Being part of Megaworld’s bigger township development Northill Gateway, Fountain Grove residents are close to urban conveniences and opportunities for prosperity.

3. Priming communities for more

Suntrust Kirana-pasig-property-condominium

Suntrust Kirana's kiddie pool (Architect's Perspective)

Suntrust has supported economies by increasing tax revenues for local governments and raising the value of properties in the communities around its developments. It has inspired renewal of locations that have gone under the radar, giving residents in those places renewed hope that their communities could improve and encouraging investors to look at them with fresh eyes.

Kirana, for instance, the developer’s ecopolis that won the Best Affordable Condominium title at the inaugural Carousell Property Awards, is considered a “beautiful ray of light” that could be a vision of the future for the place.

The enclave along Urbano Velasco Avenue in Pasig City gives homebuyers the opportunity to live sustainably, demonstrating that such a lifestyle is not only for higher segments of the market. Its commercial spaces are a promise that people will share in the progress that Suntrust has started.

Philippine Daily Inquirer:  Vaughn Alviar, October 07, 2023