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Facade of Siena Hills

Whether you’ve worked or traveled abroad, you must have envisioned, at some point, how it would feel like to live in grandeur outside our country. While some of us turn this vision into a reality by migrating, others choose to be with their families instead and stay home.

Nowadays, you can actually have the best of both worlds by opting to live in a development by Suntrust Properties.

Suntrust Palm City
Set to rise in Tagum City, Suntrust's Palm City is set to redefine first-class living in Mindanao

A world-class vision

A subsidiary of real estate giant Megaworld Inc., Suntrust has made it its mission to be the yardstick in affordable township development.

It aims to be the Filipinos’ first choice when it comes to housing by providing exactly what they need: superior quality homes and excellent service for a reasonable price. Offering both vertical and horizontal developments, Suntrust provides its clientele a wide array of housing options.

Suntrust uplifts Filipino living by finding inspiration in renowned world sites. Offering homes with Romanesque elements or Tuscan-like gardens, the company brings the beauty of international architecture to the Philippines and re-designing it to suit our local context. By doing so, the company paints idyllic communities for the average Filipino to come home to every day.

Foreign inspirations made Pinoy

Each Suntrust community is strategically located to provide families the good life. Whether you want to live in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao, there’s always a Suntrust property where you can enjoy world-class living the Pinoy way.

In the north, you have The Arcadia in Porac, Pampanga. Situated in one of the country’s rising economic corridors, this 22.6-ha community features several townhouses and single-detached home models for you to choose from.

At the south of Manila, you can opt for a Suntrust home in Laguna, Cavite or Batangas. In Laguna, Suntrust recreates Castillian architecture in the neighborhood of Sta. Rosa Heights, while Sentosa reflects that well-known Singaporean flair and relaxed vibe. Cavite, meanwhile, provides exemplary Italian-inspired homes in various communities such as Verona, while The Gentri Heights and Mandara are both Asian-inspired enclaves.

Lastly, Batangas has its own version of a “Little Rome” in the form of Siena Hills, which features medieval artworks in various corners of the neighborhood. Avila Heights is also a wise option in the area, featuring an exclusive townhouse community fitted with modern amenities.

If you’ve set your eyes on the Visayan region, Negros Occidental features a Suntrust property that perfectly balances natural surroundings with urban features. True to its name, the Fountain Grove in Northill Gateway provides man-made water features for you and your family to enjoy. Several fountains and pools can be found in the area, providing a tranquil and calming environment for you to live in.

Last but not least, Mindanao will soon have its own Suntrust exclusive community in the form of Palm City. Set to rise in Tagum City, the first-class neighborhood will be lined up with numerous palm trees to give your home a swanky, tropical flair. The community will be home to a cabana, wedding pavilion, swimming pool and other communal amenities that will surely make your gatherings memorable and exceptional. Palm City also provides spacious homes and lush gardens, ensuring you and your family get the best of countryside living.

A home for all Seasons

Despite its foreign-inspired elements, what makes the developments by Suntrust great is its consideration of local character. Suntrust homes are designed to accommodate the typical Filipino’s need for gathering areas, spacious bedrooms and outdoor facilities. By perfectly blending Filipino culture with world-class standards, Suntrust provides the ideal home for every Filipino family.

Countries abroad may offer exceptional tourist spots and experiences, but nothing beats being at home with family here in our country. Enjoy the best of both worlds at a Suntrust property today.

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Ar. Vittoria Mawis-Aliston, February 11, 2023