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Enthusiastic, driven, and hard-working, most of today’s young professionals or yuppies are out to get financial success. For many of them, it’s not just about having a high-paying job or multiple gigs. It’s also about investing their money in the right place. If you’re like many young pros eager to try real estate investing, you must have already seen the seemingly endless options in the market. For a successful buying journey, here are signs to help you know you’ve found a property worth committing to: 

It Meets Your Financial Capacity

If buying the property won’t take up all of your savings, it’s worth considering. But this is not to say you should prioritize price over the features you want in a real estate investment. The ultimate aim is to choose the right property at the right price. This could be quite difficult to achieve in prime areas like Metro Manila, where property prices steadily increase. However, the good news is that Metro Manila also has properties that fit the budget of many young pros. These include well-located but affordable condo projects like Suntrust Kirana. This condo will proudly stand in Pasig City, featuring an eco-friendly design and amenities that promote serenity. The project is currently in its pre-selling stage, offering more perks for buyers. These include longer down payment terms at zero interest rate and more unit options. Those interested can get a studio unit for as low as P8,000 monthly.

Earn profits in the form of rent or value appreciation when you invest in Suntrust Kirana – Artist’s Perspective

The Neighborhood Offers Capital Growth

Investing with capital growth in mind will help protect your money or even double it in the future. Remember that a neighborhood with growing employment opportunities is ideal if you plan to invest in a condo unit and rent it out later. Accessibility is also a feature of a profitable neighborhood. Certain areas of Pasig make great examples since they are minutes away from business districts, leisure centers, and major road networks. Surrounding developments like these can boost the city’s livability, making it more attractive to renters and home seekers. This, in turn, would increase the value of properties, including condo projects like Suntrust Kirana. 

A better, wealthier future is reflected in the first-class amenities of Suntrust Kirana – Artist’s Perspective


The Risks Are Manageable

As with any form of investment, real estate investing comes with risk. But it’s not as risky as putting money into stocks or mutual funds. The worst risk in real estate investing may come from choosing a bad location. So if you’ve picked a property in a good neighborhood, it’s possible not to suffer loss from high vacancy rates or a negative cash flow. The risk is particularly low when you invest in a pre-selling condo project like Suntrust Kirana. Its units can be acquired through flexible payment terms, so there’s no need to make a huge one-off payment. Its prime location in Pasig can also help boost property appreciation and ensure strong rental demand. You’re Able to Picture What You Can Do with the Property As you search through different property options, there’s that one option where you can picture yourself thriving. Perhaps you see yourself upgrading the unit, ensuring that it’s attractive for renters or future buyers. If you can also imagine yourself living in that unit, you just found an investment for your financial future and a better lifestyle. Besides leasing it out, say to short-term renters, you can stay in the unit any time you want to escape the fast-paced life and relax.

Brand-new and affordable pre-selling units await investor yuppies at Suntrust Kirana – Artist’s Perspective

Less Upkeep Would Be Required

Condos, in general, require less upkeep and repairs because they already have a property management team on-site. New condo properties are especially ideal for yuppies who can’t deal with a lot of maintenance tasks and their added costs. However, if you choose to lease out your unit, having difficult tenants and unexpected maintenance shouldn’t be ruled out. What you can do the avoid these dilemmas is to have a strict vetting process and pick a location with a large working population. When you see all these signs in a property, you know it’s low risk and has the potential to deliver high returns. Remember to buy within your budget and for capital growth to create a concrete path to financial freedom. 

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