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Businesses faced a sink-or-swim scenario as the pandemic struck early in 2020. Consumer behavior drastically shifted, and those providing products and services had to chase after them. The adjustment may have been difficult for many, but not for Suntrust Properties Inc.

Suntrust has clung to its spot as the leading developer in the medium and open market by expertly gauging the ever-changing needs and desires of Filipino homebuyers. This is perhaps why it has kept hauling in awards for inventiveness—such as the 2019 Most Innovative Real Estate Developer citation at the International Finance Real Estate Awards and the Most Innovative Residential Developer at the Global Economics Award held in January and November, respectively.

Property pundits have noted that the real estate industry may have been historically slow to change—the reason why many players faced difficulties transforming for the sudden changes.

But Suntrust is an outlier there. While the company was not immune to the adverse effects of COVID-19 on business, from sales and collections, construction and turnover, to day-to-day operations and property management, it however continues to demonstrate a willingness and ability to adapt well. This, perhaps, best explains why Suntrust is able to provide a home for every Filipino, through thick and thin.

Heeding science

As soon as the virus turned into a pandemic, Suntrust introduced safety measures in all its properties and offices.

Today, visitors and employees observe strict protocols. There are declaration forms at entrances, some electronic. Temperature scans, foot baths and hand sanitizers are a must. Common spaces are marked for social distancing and cleaned thoroughly, regularly.

To further reduce exposure at offices, the company implemented work-from-home setups and a “one person, one agent” policy. It launched virtual walkthroughs and even made signing documents paperless. These lead to a notable adjustment for the company.

Suntrust continues to be recognized for its innovative approaches.

Virtual touchpoints

Now that in-person meetings come with repercussions and limits, Suntrust maximizes new technology. It launched digital payment and inquiry methods to help clients in the new normal. Visit the brand’s social media sites and find out how it upped the ante with relevant, informative and interactive content. Call the Suntrust website a one-stop-shop for everything you must know. It’s a highly searchable platform where prospective buyers can look for homes according to locations and budgets.

The Arcadia in Porac, Pampanga

Sustaining relationships

As early as July, Suntrust has migrated various processes and activities online. It has held numerous virtual property summits and webinars for its Suntrustees, homeowners and even the general public, ensuring access to quality learnings and means to sustain social connections from home. On Nov. 18, the developer successfully held its 23rd anniversary celebration online—still fun-filled and meaningful despite being virtual.

Suntrust fully supported meaningful connections by spearheading goodwill initiatives during the quarantine. It highlighted relief operations benefitting property managers, construction workers, even vulnerable sectors and homeowners. It shared uplifting news about community and online marketplaces that helped dwellers get through tough times.

Brand confidence

What has best driven Suntrust is its pride in its offerings.

It has been delivering products and services worthy of Filipino homebuyers’ attention and investment—and intends to keep it that way come hill or high water.

Since 1997, even amid the Asian financial crisis, Suntrust has provided outstanding homes in magnificent master-planned, self-contained communities. This pandemic has proven that the market, which has become more discerning because of COVID-19, wants its products and the values they reflect—safety, accessibility, aesthetic, functionality, ingenuity and, ultimately, a sense of home.

Suntrust will, thus, continue to learn, push and deliver.

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First published December 19, 2020