Suntrust's resilience to bring bigger, better and brighter days | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Suntrust Properties Inc. continues to claim a “bigger, better, brighter” future, ever hopeful and optimistic of its prospects despite challenging times. That vote of confidence in the local market, however, has more than paid off, as it continues to expand, strengthening its footprint with over 30 vertical and horizontal projects from Baguio to Davao.

Some will say the optimism stems from overcoming serious roadblocks since its establishment 25 years ago. There is evidence for that. After all, the brand did not have it easy.

Suntrust was founded in 1997, during the Asian financial crisis. Later, it also rose above political upheavals, natural and manmade disasters, and numerous external volatilities. Amid the pandemic, one of the latest difficulties to beset the nation and the world, it has navigated with ease the transformed homebuilding and homebuying experiences.

‘Home for every Filipino’

Grand Entrance at Suntrust Verona
Suntrust's design pegs are inspired by beautiful locations globally

Above and beyond the adversities, however, what explains the positivity and enthusiasm that permeate Suntrust is its faithfulness to its mission of building “a home for every Filipino.”

That purpose may seem like a simple and straightforward phrase but, make no mistake about it—fulfilling that goal isn’t easy at all. To deliver on it, the company must always have an intimate mastery of the Filipino’s heart and mind, the home they wish to reside in, plus their standards for their dwelling. These norms and demands must be taken to heart as well.

As Suntrust celebrates its 25th year of building and delivering quality, attainably priced homes, this trusted developer can now ascertain that owning a home remains a top priority and a major goalpost for many hardworking Filipinos, whether they be in the country or abroad. It is an enduring expression of Filipinos’ timeless value of looking after the welfare of their family.

Where the option arises, these increasingly discerning individuals would invest in durable, aesthetic addresses that cost a little more instead of the cheapest choices in the market that often turn out to be boring boxes or ticking time bombs. This is proof that the desire for purchases that are sulit (worth the money) and wais (wise) applies even to bigger items.

Elevated lifestyle

Suntrust Verona Pool Perspective
The breathtaking pool at Suntrust Verona

In the Philippines, something else must make up the package outside the sturdily built and well-appointed home: a lifestyle that dignifies and elevates its dwellers. The two must go together, especially in a market that is innately social and that has just relearned over the pandemic the value of a well-rounded life.

Tackling these, Suntrust ensures that each fine home it churns out is beyond the basic: the home, to be ideal to the Filipino, must also belong to a masterplanned and self-contained community that itself is nestled in a strategic location.

When you look at the company’s portfolio, you will find township developments that offer a milieu of experiences. How so? Suntrust has a winning combination: design pegs inspired by beautiful locations globally, features that embrace crucial trends like sustainability, world-class amenities strengthening family and community ties, and accessibility bringing residents close to conveniences and essentials like hospitals, schools, retail spaces, places of worship, among others.In some projects, Suntrust even provides investment opportunities like commercial spaces for lease. It often chooses to build in certain locations to draw attention and spur growth there. By providing fresh income streams and certain value appreciation, the brand further empowers Filipino families to achieve a better life.

Giving Filipino homebuyers the option to dwell in the communities of their dreams, Suntrust has not only gained confidence in its own product and imbibed impervious optimism. More than that, it has also provided reassurance to its clients. Thousands of them can confidently claim that trusting Suntrust—now the leading developer in the medium and open market—has brought them and their loved ones a bigger, better, brighter future.

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Vaughn Alviar, Nov. 12, 2022