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Anniversary Celebration at Home Brings this Lovely Couple Closer during the Quarantine

Quarantining during the Coronavirus pandemic has required many of us to give up on the usual events and activities we look forward to.  Movies, concerts, reunions, festivals are all on indefinite pause. But that doesn’t mean putting all special occasions on hold just because we are stuck in isolation at home.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that in the midst of a difficult moment, we draw strength from the people that truly matter. Thus, special occasions should not be overlooked or forgotten just because we are on quarantine. 

Often, we fear that celebrations won’t be as special. When Stephanie Yco and her partner AK Armamento got locked down inside their home at Suntrust Shanata, they were worried that their 9th anniversary celebration wouldn’t be a good one. Yet, the couple managed to have an intimate dinner celebration just inside their unit, and realized it’s still as good and is even more romantic than dining outside.

In the grand scheme of things, who cares where you are or what you are doing on your anniversary, as long as you are celebrating it with the person you love- that’s the main thing. Stephanie was moved how her significant other exerted extra effort to make their day special and romantic. “We really prepared for it. Since we couldn’t go out, AK cooked food for us. AK decorated our unit with balloons and gave me flowers. Those efforts really did make me happy,” the 33-year-old beamed.

Stephanie Yco and her partner AK Armaminto celebrate their anniversary at home

As a virtual assistant at an e-commerce company, she rarely had time for her partner prior to quarantine. So after nine long years of being together, that simple yet intimate date night really brought them closer to each other.

Stephanie and AK have always enjoyed life together inside their condominium community in Novaliches, Quezon City. With friendly neighbours inside the peaceful community, the couple is beyond grateful. 

Suntrust Shanata

Life in Shanata is also made safer and more convenient with the extra service the community front liners exert especially during the lockdown.

“I am amazed at their effort. Whenever they see residents carrying groceries, they will always offer to help. They are very alert and that alone makes living here a wonderful experience,” expressed Stephanie.

As their own way of saying ‘thank you’, the couple cooked meals for the frontliners in Suntrust Shanata. By this simple gesture, they hoped they have somehow shown their frontliners how grateful they are for all of their sacrifices and for keeping the whole neighborhood safe.

Special thanks to
Ms. Ma. Cristina Domingo
Asst. Sales Manager (ASM) - Unicorn Branch