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Better Connectivity: Strong Fiber and Close-knit Community aids IT Professional’s Needs


When the whole country was put on lockdown, many businesses shut down their operations. Meanwhile, some industries were allowed to continue service given that they would adopt a work-from-home set-up.

IT professional Mary Vonne Quindara’s work nature is one of the selected industries to continue operations. She finds this new set-up comfortable, as she had no problems with the internet connectivity in her condominium unit at Suntrust Treetop Villas in Mandaluyong City.

“I’m very thankful that my unit has a very strong fiber connection. Working from home has never been a problem for me,” the 29-year-old proudly shared.

Mary Vonne Quindara in her home workspace

However, like any other work-from-home employees, she struggles preparing her own food during lunch breaks. It is hard juggling cooking and working at the same time so when break time comes, she had to walk away from her computer to the kitchen and make some quick food.

Fortunately, Treetop Villas’ close-knit neighborhood is a perfect match for her needs. Thanks to their online community, skipping meals isn’t an option for her. Since she lacks the time to prepare her own food, this online delivery unfolded a way for her to enjoy good, home-cooked meals.

“A lot of online sellers here boomed. Unit owners just post their cooked meals and merchandise on our online community and in just a click away, I have food delivered right at my doorstep,” Mary Vonne enthused.

An abundance of food choice from online sellers within the community

The compassion and unity of the condominium community also amuses her. Living in a midrise condominium, she really felt the closeness and care of the residents for each other. She witnessed how her neighbors cared for their community’s frontliners and proudly recounted how they got together to initiate donations for them.

“Some residents cooked meals for them, while others offered relief goods. You can really feel the unity within the neighborhood and it makes me very happy,” the mother of two explained, as she couldn’t help but compare her past unit at a high rise tower to her current home, where she feels like she belongs to a big family.

Mary Vonne Quindara
Mary with her daughters.

Mary Vonne also salutes all the frontliners of her community who face the threats of COVID19 everyday and despite all the risks, still manage to keep their condominium safe and secured.

“I am very happy with their service. It exceeds my expectations. However risky things were, they never gave up, but continued serving us homeowners. Thank you very much for that,” she expressed.

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