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Blessing in Disguise: Quarantine Gives Way for Seaman to Witness his Newborn Daughter’s Precious Moments

Amid the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic, we Filipinos have proven that we know how to rise beyond life’s unexpected turns. We strive to see the good in the bad and rise up from the ground despite the uncertainties. Resiliency is one of our many traits.

Jobel Sacupayo is one of our kababayans whose job was put on hold when the pandemic struck. We all know that thousands of Filipino seafarers have already lost their jobs as countries imposed travel restrictions to rein in the spread of the coronavirus. Thousands of seafarers were stranded at sea while others were stuck on land without work.

Filipino seafarers Jobel Sacupayo

The canceled voyage may have brought disappointment to Jobel and his family, yet this was soon replaced by opportunities that even money cannot provide. The lockdown has been a blessing in disguise as he got the chance to stay with his family for an extended period of time inside their home in The Gentri Heights, Cavite, allowing him to witness the many firsts of his eleven-month old baby.

“I was there when she uttered her first word. I couldn’t contain my happiness when she called me ‘De’. If I happened to be aboard, I wouldn’t have witnessed that. It may be shallow for some people, but for me it's a great gift,” the 33-year-old dad beamed

Jobel with his loving family.

Jobel was onboard when Skye was born, thus the lockdown has allowed him to make up for lost time with his family most especially to his loving wife, Gretchen. Somehow, he feels grateful for the break he had as he finally spent so much time together with them.

“That’s the sacrifice of a seaman. Many think that this is an easy job. It’s very hard to be away from your loved ones for so long,” shared Jobel.

Next month, he will be going onboard again, for real this time. So he’s making the most of this quarantine period by doing other things with his wife such as gardening. He loves planting vegetables and fruits in his backyard, which actually complements the subdivision for its rich greeneries.

Jobel and his wife enjoy gardening during the quarantine.

He’s also confident that his family will be safe inside The Gentri Heights subdivision as he knows how good the staff and the neighbors are. The moment they moved into the community, they already felt at home.

“We feel very safe here, because it’s peaceful. The air is fresh, like you’re in the province. I grew up in a province and the environment here makes me feel at home. Everywhere you look, plants are growing,” he enthused.

Jobel and Gretchen felt more secured and prioritized when the country was put on lockdown. They’ve seen the dedication of each staff to protect them from the virus. From the control of ingoing and outgoing visitors, to wearing face masks, and safety reminders, he firmly trusts that his family will be completely safe while he’s away.

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