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How Investing in a Condo  became this Homeowner’s Best Decision Ever

Real estate investing for beginners can be a little overwhelming. At times, it feels like navigating a road riddled with several pitfalls. However, as you understand the advantages of investing in a property, you begin to learn how to set aside your doubts and focus on achieving your financial goals.

For Riza Ogania, a University House Supervisor at Trinity University of Asia, investing in a condominium is her best decision to date. While she is grateful for her day job, Riza also knows the importance of increasing her cash flow through investing. She firmly believes that business and investments are the key factors in making her hard-earned money grow and eventually, give her the security that can hold her up in the future.

Riza Ogania (center), with her colleagues at Trinity University of Asia

This was the main thing in her mind when she purchased her first condominium investment at Suntrust Asmara in Quezon City. Her workplace sits only a few walks away from the property, and she is living in the university, rent-free. Given this opportunity to save, she wasted no time and invested in a property that she believed will develop into something beyond its worth.

“At that time I bought it at two million. Now it’s worth almost four million, and in that alone, I knew I had profited already,” shared Riza.

Investing had been her life-long dream because she believes this provides her future a clear vision of security and success. After almost two years since the turn-over of her unit, she is beyond proud to say that Suntrust Asmara is indeed a good investment, and her every penny has paid off.

Suntrust Asmara is located at E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City

“I knew all along that Asmara would be a great investment. It is near various schools, churches, there are plenty of convenience stores and eateries just outside the main gate, you don’t even have to walk far for your needs. Then the lobby, the elevators, and hallways are all luxurious. It is basically buying a high-end property for a mid-cost price,” she explained.

Of all the businesses she had encountered, she considered real estate the most stable. She knows how high the return could be, and she had been maximizing this opportunity for more than a year now and not once did the property fail her. Other than that, she also believes the location is a catch, especially that many people from the provinces seek condominiums for rent in the Metro.

 “Suntrust Asmara is very strict when it comes to maintaining the buildings clean and proper. The staff and security personnel are all polite and very accommodating. I usually visit the place to check in on my unit, and I, even my tenants, were never disappointed. The hallways are wide and the units are not compressed in a tight space, unlike other buildings,” Riza shared. Apart from this, she also shared proudly that once the payment for her unit is over, her next investment will gladly be in the same project.

“This is the best decision ever. No regrets, really. And if I am to buy again, it definitely will be here in Suntrust too,” she added.