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Fulfilling Dreams, Building “Home”: A Family’s Journey in Finding the Perfect Home

Timing is Everything

They say everyone needs a house and a roof over their heads, but only a loving and supportive family builds a home. Oftentimes, people build dreams inside their forever home, but there are times when people actually do otherwise. They will start with a dream first, before having a home. When starting a family, one of the first thoughts that often come across our minds is building a home at the same time. But as not all starting families can rush into owning a beautiful home right away, many pursue this later on.

This is exactly accurate for husband and wife Roberto and Marissa Pastolero. They used to live in a place at Las Pinas, which was not exactly what they viewed as the perfect home for their family. They have four children, and two of them are now living on their own and working. One of their children is now 28 years old and has been working abroad for six years now. Two of their children are still in school, one is 14 years old and the other is nine. They said they were having a fine life in their old house before, but it wasn’t as great. They always knew there is some place better than where they were, and that they can someday live there. So now that their two children are working and providing income for the household, they decided to finally purchase the perfect home that will nurture their family. 

The Pastolero family

Finding the perfect home

They couldn’t purchase a good home before, as they did not have enough income. But now, merging efforts from Roberto and his two children, they purchased two units in Suntrust Sentosa, a house and lot subdivision in Calamba, Laguna. The family purchased the home with a combined effort from the whole family, and this is one of the reasons why they treasure this family home even more.

Roberto used to own a computer shop business and a deep well drilling business in Las Pinas. When they could finally afford a home inside a pristine subdivision, they left everything at Las Pinas and started life anew in Sentosa. This is what they have all been waiting for after all. But just when they thought they would have a hard time adjusting to the new neighborhood, they were surprised to find out that adjusting to the new place was actually the easiest feat. 

“Everybody is just so friendly. When we moved here on February 14, everyone who passes by would talk to us, ‘Kayo pala yung bagong lilipat d’yan?” and then they will tell us stories and tips to navigate around the neighborhood,” the father of four enthused. 

Aya model house in Suntrust Sentosa

Roberto also shared that aside from the serene neighborhood, their neighbors are one of the things that he really liked about the place. He said that everyone would greet them, talk to them, or even chat with them about the place. There was also an online group within the community that made it more convenient for the family to avail goods and basically anything they needed. And that they too, are part of the sellers in the online community. The group serves as their platform to look for things that one home doesn’t have, and it will be a channel for other homes to offer theirs. 

Not long since they moved to Sentosa, they already have a printing and ID lamination business inside their home. Anyone who needs printing will just come by to their home for their printing service. He says it is really a good way to be connected not only to their needs, but to their neighbors as well. 

Roberto also proudly shared how excited they all were when February 14 came. While everyone was celebrating hearts’ day, they were celebrating something bigger, and that was moving into the perfect home they have always dreamt of.

Home as a Safe Haven

They also commended the security staff that never fails to roam around the place to ensure their safety. “The guards roam around by 5pm, before they light the streets at 6pm. Then they will give the residents their number so we can call anytime if we need anything,” he explained. One of the major differences of their previous home from Sentosa is the tight security, they say.

Suntrust Sentosa is a gated community in Calamba, Laguna

When they are not helping their kids prepare for schooling or when they are not busy printing for their neighbors, they spend their free time planting in their front and backyard. Roberto shared that their front lawn has already been filled with vegetables, including tomato, ginger, chili pepper, and peanuts. They said that the soil and the climate at Sentosa is perfect for growing plants, and that’s just another thing on their long list of what they love about the place. Planting together with their family and picking up vegetables for lunch in their front yard are the simple yet memorable moments that make them #HappyAtHome.


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