Gym Buff Makes the Most of Quarantine through Fitness Routine at Home | Suntrust Properties Inc.

We all know that staying fit and healthy doesn’t end on a diet. It needs constant physical activity and burning of energy. During the quarantine, when people were compelled to stay inside their homes, keeping active has been quite a challenge as people weren’t allowed to go outside or visit gyms.

However, Richard Navarro turned this hindrance into an advantage and used the quarantine period as his time to focus on bringing his body back to good shape.

Richard works as a Vice President in a cosmetic company. This gives him a lot of responsibility and less time for himself. Before he got too busy with his career, he was already a huge fan of gyms and doing lifts. But when he stopped his routine, his fitness started slipping away until he completely lost control over his body weight. When he reached 200 pounds, he felt the wake up call to go back to the gym.

When he moved to his own condominium unit at Suntrust Shanata in Quezon City, he was amused and excited about the spacious and cozy function gym the community offers. He loved the community’s location for its convenience and close proximity to his workplace, but was astounded by its gym and equipment. Since then, he has been hitting the gym everyday, saving him money instead of paying for memberships on commercial gyms.

Richard works out at the Suntrust Shanata gym religiously 

“I got excited hitting the gym again. I really enjoy the facilities here. There are treadmills and a lot of other gym equipment. It sheds my stress from a long day of work,” he added. 

In just a few months, Richard reduced 18 pounds, but just as he was starting to get back in shape, the lockdown was implemented, prompting the function gym in Suntrust Shanata to close.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from pursuing his established fitness routine. He thought of other ways to exercise inside the comforts of his home and bought his own equipment to continue working out the whole lockdown period. It satisfies him a lot whenever he sees some improvements on his body, no matter how small.

“I live alone in my unit, so to cope with boredom, I bought a gym set with a dumbbell, barbell, mat, and gym ball for me to do lifts even inside my condo unit,” he shared.

Richard made his own "home gym" during the quarantine

Aside from a delightful gym and its closeness to his workplace, Richard loves living in Suntrust Shanata for its good community and commendable staff. He describes it as a tranquil and friendly neighborhood.

At this time of crisis, he also admires how the property management carries out safety protocols around the community. They are beyond grateful to all frontliners of the condominium for keeping them safe and secured.

“The guards are well-oriented and they respect the residents. No deliveries are allowed inside. They are really well-organized,” he added.

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