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What motivates you to keep going? What inspires you to rise above life’s challenges?  The day in, day out work, the constant traffic struggles, and the daytime hustle to pay all the bills- all these seem to fade when we are self-motivated.

The difference between successful people and everyone else, is the ability of successful people to focus on the goal, rather than the obstacles. Their life’s purpose is clear to them and they hold on to it no matter what. Just like everybody else, they fail and despair yet they are resilient to move forward.

For this loving son, Xavier Alpasa, working hard means giving his parents the best life they deserve. His constant hustle as a business consultant by day is all fired up by his dream to invest in the best retirement home his parents can settle in. Having a cozy and relaxing room is already enough for that, but for him, later on in life, when our daytime busyness becomes a lifetime of hardships and achievements, all we’ll seek for is a comfortable home that will meet all our needs and will keep us close with the people who truly matter.

Suntrust Verona @ Home at Last in a Home that Lasts
Xavier's parents, Don and Tonia Alpasa

Fortunately, he has easily found the perfect dwelling place for his aging parents to settle, and the best retirement home for himself as well. His quest for a home that will last for generations has finally come to fruition when he found Suntrust Verona, a house and lot community in Silang, Cavite.

Xavier used to invest in condominiums as he promotes a program against traffic. His focus was on lifestyles inside central business districts for better work-live experiences. But when he started searching for his next investment outside the Metro, he encountered Suntrust Verona, and his perspective in house and lot properties has changed since.

“We used to live in small spaces of condos and townhouses most of our lives so when we moved to Verona, the huge space amazes us. Now we can live in a spacious home and move freely,” Ver explained. 


Suntrust Verona @ Home at Last in a Home that Lasts2
Xavier's parents relaxing under the morning sun on their Suntrust home's balcony

For Xavier, Verona is the perfect oasis for him and his parents and it delighted him how excited owning a house and lot has made his parents. They even monitored the house construction with weekly visits and seeing the wide smiles painted on his parents’ faces, it already gave back his money’s worth. Ver’s parents are now aged 84 and 92, and he sees the community as a perfect retirement home for his loved ones, and for him as well who is now 52 years old. 

“This neighborhood is safe and now that my parents are aging, I want them to be secured. So I saw this opportunity to give them a retirement home that in the long run can be mine as well. All of us need a place to quiet down and relax, and you know, do things that are much more important in life,” he said.

Suntrust Verona @ Home at Last in a Home that Lasts3
House and Marriage Blessing on their 63rd Anniversary

Ver considers the place as his family’s own piece of respite. Working in the Metro, he is thankful to have a peaceful home he can go back to where he can spend quality time with his parents, the simple things that truly matter.

Genuinely happy for his new home, he even purchased another Suntrust house and lot property in Lipa, Batangas, Siena Hills. He says that he has been eyeing the area for quite some time now, looking fervently for serenity and cool provincial breeze. Until he discovered yet another beauty, and he purchased one right away.

Suntrust Verona @ Home at Last in a Home that Lasts4
Xavier's parents relaxing inside their Suntrust Verona home


“Suntrust Verona met all the qualities I have in my checklist, spacious, high-quality, serene, accessible, and most importantly, worth its value,” Ver enthused. 

When at home, he spends most of his time with his parents, watching them drink coffee together on the balcony while basking under the morning sun, eating together his mother’s specialties, and sitting beside them while intently watching television. He also applauds the community’s close proximity to essentials, especially hospitals. For Xavier, these simple moments alone with his parents, relaxing and having the most comfortable time of their lives, are what make him and his family #HappyAtHome. 

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