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They say a house is made of wood and stone, but only love can make a home. If this is true, then perhaps it is safe to say that a community is built by trust, friendship, and malasakit. And this is exactly what you might be missing if you are not living yet in a Suntrust community.

Jenny Baldivino is a happily married woman living with her almost 2-year-old daughter Sakura and 6-year-old nephew in Suntrust Sentosa, a house and lot subdivision in Calamba, Laguna. Her husband, a Japanese national, is currently working in his home country. He used to come home to his family at least every two months, until the pandemic hits and he hasn’t seen his family since.

Jenny Baldivino with her husband and daughter, Sakura

Now left alone with two little kids during the pandemic, Jenny feared the dreadful days of doing things on her own.  “It’s pandemic, the whole country is on lockdown. My husband couldn’t go home, so I was terrified I’d feel alone. But no, there’s help everywhere. The guards are very helpful, the maintenance, even my own neighbors were very nice,” shares Jenny.

Apart from this, she also enthused how everyone in the neighborhood makes everyone else feel like part of a huge family. She finds this very important in searching for a forever home, especially in her case, her husband isn’t always home, so having a second family in the form of her neighbors is something she is really grateful for.

It has been only a year since they moved to Sentosa. They accidentally have stumbled upon a booth and just as fast as they found it, they moved in just a few months.

Suntrust Sentosa

“The moment I saw the place, I knew it was the one. And I couldn’t believe until now that we have our own home, for our small family. I love to ask my friends over and I always get overwhelmed by their surprised reactions. They love my home here, and I’m very proud. Also, the climate is really nice, added by the incredible view of Mt. Makiling,” the mom explained.

Whenever her husband is home, they love to do couple walks along the neighborhood, keeping the famous and foggy Mt. Makiling in sight. Then, when her husband is back abroad, she spends her time planting in her front yard, which she finds very easy to do so in the breezy climate.

The view of Mount Makiling

“I love plants and here I can finally fulfill that dream of being a plantita,” she shared.

Plants are easily grown and maintained because of the cool climate.

For her, these little moments with her husband and daughter, and those precious moments shared with her second family in Sentosa are what makes her #HappyAtHome.