How Online Selling can Help a Community Thrive During Quarantine | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Most industries and establishments closed down during the lockdown, and employees all over the country retreated to their homes to comply with the protocols. Many worked from home, while others made the most out of the quarantine by spending quality moments with their family or trying out new hobbies. Some got busy by putting up small businesses through online selling.

When the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was implemented,  online sellers swarmed the internet, offering various products, from baked goods,  snacks, cooked meals or even second-hand appliances. The purpose was not only to sell but to help families survive during the quarantine without the need to come out of their homes.

This is exactly what Ricky Ramos, a government employee, experienced as he found a way to earn extra during the lockdown just inside the comforts of his condominium unit at Suntrust Shanata. With its Buy and Sell online community, he was able to sell sacks of rice within the neighborhood, alongside other sellers who live inside the community.

Ricky Ramos (In yellow shirt), with his neighbors in Suntrust Shanata

“I was able to sell 20 sacks of rice. I import them from Pangasinan, and when the rice arrives, I deliver them right at my neighbors’ doorsteps,” he shared.

Through his  initiative, Ricky ‘s neighborhood was guaranteed an ample supply of rice during the ECQ. “It’s so good to think that I am able to help. My neighbors don’t have to go out of their homes anymore and risk their safety just to buy rice,” he continued.

Aside from the online marketplace at their condominium community in Quezon City, a Weekend Mobile Palengke also brings the residents’ needs closer to them. The homeowners admire this mobile marketplace as it reduces their risk of getting infected by going out and it gives them opportunity to help small business owners in return. A win-win for both parties.

Online selling saw a huge boost during the quarantine

Ricky also admires the compassion and bayanihan within their community at Suntrust Shanata especially at this time of crisis. The residents used the government assistance they received for their frontliners in the form of food and other essentials.

“Aside from the assistance we extended to them, we also cook everyday meals for our frontliners.  They couldn’t go home to their families so we try our best to be their family here,” said Ricky.

Ricky with his family.

He, along with the community’s residents, is very thankful for the dedication and love for duty that their frontliners have showcased. They know how much life would have been more difficult if these people weren’t there for them.

Now, Ricky wishes for things to go back to normal again so he and his neighbors can go back to their zumba sessions, a weekend habit he established for the well-being of his neighbors.

Special thanks to:
Juliana Majaducon SPMI Administrator - Shanata