A Journey of Discovering Home | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Many hardworking Filipinos endure heavy traffic and long hours of travel to earn a living.  When the pandemic struck, many shifted to work from home set-up, while some resorted to doing their own businesses online. 

Others may view this as a dilemma, but  Mary Jean Castaneda, being a businesswoman and store owner at a shopping mall in Manila, saw this as an opportunity to move her business back to her home where she can have more time for herself and her family.

Jean Castaneda is a businesswoman and store owner

A few years ago, Jean used to commute from an apartment in Manila to her cellphone and accessories' store in a shopping mall. Along with this, she sold vitamins and other products in the same store. Admittedly, she grew tired of the everyday commute until she met a family who owns a condominium unit at Suntrust Adriatico Gardens, a community in Manila which sits a short distance from her store.

“Upon realizing all the advantages of owning a condo, I decided to purchase a unit that suits our needs. ” Jean shared. Moving into their own unit in Adriatico Gardens in 2013, Jean, with her husband and two daughters was able to save more as they cut travel expenses.  A win-win situation for a family of four.

Jean with her family

When COVID-19 restrained us from going outside, she was forced to close her business at the mall. Despite the sudden change and difficulties encountered, Jean got back to her feet in a flash.  “We chose to focus on selling our products at home, and it has been great so far. I get to spend more time with my family while keeping us financially stable,” the 40-year old mom enthused.

Jean sells her products online and rents riders to pick up the orders from her home. Aside from its known landmark, her place at Suntrust Adriatico Gardens makes it easy for her to do business because of accessibility and security.

Jean feels at home in Suntrust Adriatico Gardens

Prior to the pandemic, Jean proudly shared that it is also the place where she, together with some neighbors, built a church family. From home bible studies to a bigger church family, she can never feel more blessed at her home.

Now living with her husband and two daughters who are now a teenager and a young adult, the bonding experiences they create inside their cozy home are made more special by the comfort and security it gives. “This is where our families reunite, get together, and this became our partner now in business. These simple experiences, with my whole family and our business are what make us #HappyAtHome. It took awhile, but we are grateful to be home. “ she concluded.

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