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Love at First Sight: This Family Fights for their Dream Home Despite Challenges

“A house is made by walls and beams, a home is made of love and dreams”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you experienced seeing or meeting something for the first time and falling in love with it? Like when you got your first pet, that bag you just purchased, or your dream home—something about them tells you to stop looking because you’ve found the one.  

When Santa Toledo and her family were looking for a home, an exclusive subdivision in Laguna caught their attention because of its fresh climate and lush greenery.

The Toledo Family


Santa who is blessed with three charming boys and a loving husband who works abroad is one busy woman. Juggling her corporate career and motherhood, she also manages their family business, the Pares and Goto House which she proudly believes is where their comfortable living is owed to.

The Toledos were coursing through a perfect track until their main business had been on the rocks. The family suffered through financial problems and decided they couldn’t afford the mortgage for their current home.

Pares and Goto House


They searched for a home that would be worth it of its price, yet their hearts were loomed by the fear of not finding it. All these fears turned into hope when the family first saw Sta Rosa Heights in Laguna, a place they instantly fell in love with.

“My kids told me they don’t want any other house, that specific place is their only choice. Me and my husband loved it too, so even though we’re in the middle of a financial challenge, we really worked hard for this home”, the mom of three proudly shared.

Santa Toledo with her three charming boys

Santa Toledo with her husband.

Their home in Sta. Rosa Heights is what they call their “fruit of faith.” A year after moving in, the Pares and Goto House business of the family has been brought back to life. Being one of the pioneers of business in the community, their Goto House still stands today, ready to cater to the neighborhood’s hungry tummies.


The Toledo family also feels very safe within the community premises. The surrounding is peaceful and apparently secured.

“Living here for eight years now, I’ve never had a single problem with the staff, the security, or the community itself. I feel really safe here with my kids”, said Santa.

Sta. Rosa Heights community

The family loves jogging with their dogs along the jogging path around the clubhouse. Swimming is one of their favorite bonding moments. Everytime her husband comes home, their favorite thing to do is to binge-watch movies in their family area, a specific place where she believes their family bonding is strengthened. These moments that are simple yet worth treasuring are what keep her and her whole family #HappyAtHome.