Nature’s Hues: Colorful Aquarium Ushers Hope to Lovely Couple’s Lives | Suntrust Properties Inc.

They say colors are the smiles of nature. We tend to belittle what colors can do to our minds, mood, and feelings. But in real life, they play an important role. In film aesthetics, colors help set the mood, while in art, it is used to convey emotions.  We describe our lives as colorful when we feel hopeful, happy, and fulfilled.

Marigin Bazarte, a businesswoman, knows this too well. She and her husband Archie love collecting multicolored corals and pet fishes. For the couple, these hues they get to see everyday relieve stress and give them peace of mind. Their hobby started small at first—a tiny aquarium filled with freshwater. Eventually, they leveled it up using saltwater, added more exotic and colorful corals, and scaled it up to 5ft.

The Bazarte family inside their lovely home

The couple is well-aware that their hobby is expensive. In fact, they’ve already spent an enormous amount since they started, as they had to go through trials and errors first before finally mastering it. Yet, the joy, relief, and tranquility the aquarium gives their family is worth it.

“It’s a complete stress-reliever. It feels so much nicer to live life, waking up to such wonderful marine species. It’s like bringing the beauty of the ocean inside your home, which feels incredible,” the 40-year-old mom enthused.

These corals bring the beauty of the ocean inside their home

Fishes are abundant in the family's aquarium

Their two sons, Sam and Josh, and daughter Jane Harriet, also enjoy their home’s aquarium as they get to see their favorite fish characters from their favorite animated film, Finding Nemo. Today, the family’s aquarium hosts roughly 20 colorful fishes and diverse types of corals.

The kids were able to bond more during the quarantine.

For Marigin, the aquarium pleasingly complements the close-to-nature features of her community, Suntrust Verona in Silang, Cavite.

“Like an aquarium, Suntrust Verona is a very serene habitat. The air is fresh, and we don’t have many neighbors yet so it is very peaceful. We also get to bask in the warmth of the morning sun. We’re very lucky we got this place, this is a really good investment,” Marigin shared.

Suntrust Verona is an Intalian-inspired community near Tagaytay

The community’s frontliners also made the neighborhood more vibrant during this period. They bring hope to the residents by helping and attending to their needs, making them feel safer and more secured everyday.

“We’re very lucky here at Verona because we have frontliners who never get tired of reminding us to wear masks everytime we go out. They also implemented stricter measures in letting visitors in. I give them a colorful ‘thank you’,” added the satisfied homeowner.

The family is also grateful for all the blessings they are receiving, and amidst the challenges of the pandemic, they share these blessings in their own way—preaching and sharing the words of God through daily facebook live streams.

Preaching and sharing the words of God through daily Facebook live streams


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