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During these trying times, what we need more than anything is a caring and compassionate neighborhood. We hear a lot of Bayanihan stories around many communities and right now, being a part of one is a true privilege. 

Suntrust homeowner Carol Candelaria is one of the fortunate ones to be part of a community that cares and upholds its members. Living with her family for nine years now at The Gentri Heights, a house and lot subdivision in Cavite, she had witnessed how her neighborhood grew and grew closer through time, sharing laughs and stories with different but collaborative people.

Suntrust home stories The Gentri Heoghts
Carol Candelaria with her family

Amidst the pandemic, when help is needed, the 47-year old housewife shared that the unity and bond of The Gentri Heights community have strengthened, emerging from the lockdown more vigorous and unified than ever.

She proudly narrates how the pandemic has prompted her to get to know her neighbors better, as they battle with the hardships of the quarantine all together, helping and guiding each other.

“I got to know my neighbors better than before. They were so accommodating, you can even ask them to buy necessities for you. They always smile.  When the quarantine pass arrives for our subdivision, they would even knock on your door to inform you,” shared Carol.

Suntrust home stories The Gentri Heoghts
Carol with her neighbors.

Moreover, she happily says that in The Gentri Heights, individuals do not act alone as they are always sharing each other company, a real display of unity.

“We don’t act individually in here, instead, we always help each other. I really feel at home in this neighborhood,” Carol expressed enthusiastically.

Suntrust home stories The Gentri Heoghts
Happy homeowners despite the pandemic

The Gentri Heights community also hosts an “Online Marketplace” where residents within the subdivision can buy goods and other essentials. This marketplace is a collaborative effort from homeowners themselves, unfurling convenience amidst the pandemic and earning as well. This indicates the resilience of every Filipino, fighting back and standing still in the middle of a global crisis.

“There’s a container van roaming around from 6 in the morning until noon. The marketplace, on the other hand, provides household items and other belongings online to be delivered right at your doorsteps.” Carol also enthused that the online group doesn’t only serve as a marketplace, but also a platform for advisories and other community-concerned announcements.

Carol is an utterly satisfied customer of Suntrust. She describes the place as her own “peaceful haven”. Upon living there for 9 years, she shares that she always had peaceful nights and that she loves how the environment is gossip-free.

Suntrust home stories The Gentri Heoghts
A peaceful and safe community.

During the pandemic, she proudly states that she is grateful for the efforts of Gentri Heights' admin and property management for free alcohol and sanitizers. She also adds that she is profoundly grateful for the community’s frontliners for keeping their neighborhood safe and COVID free.

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