The Power of Family in Raising a Creative Child | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Passion is an abstract concept that is often undervalued and taken for granted. People’s strong enthusiasm on something fuels their lives, driving them to live it meaningfully and happily. But not everyone sees passion as a force that drives people forward, that’s why it’s quite astonishing to find families who support their members’ passion and communities that strive to encourage these individuals to push beyond their limits.

In the past three years of residing in Suntrust Verona, a house and lot subdivision in Silang, Cavite, Michael Mendoza and his three children, Michelle, Catherine, and Mark, have been living their best days yet. A short drive from his work, a few minutes travel to his children’s schools, and just 15 minutes away from Tagaytay, their life has never been this convenient. They are also proud to offer their lovely home every time they hold family reunions, as their relatives love the climate and freshness of the area.

Suntrust Verona community

Michael has always envisioned a home his family could call their own, so when they moved in last 2017, he couldn’t be happier. For three years, their home has already witnessed many important happenings, including Michelle’s 18th birthday that was held in the community’s clubhouse. But for him, one of the most important things that their Suntrust Home has witnessed and flourished is his daughter’s love for art. 

Photo insert: Michael Mendoza and his three children, Michelle, Catherine, and Mark,

Suntrust Verona Clubhouse

Michelle has always been into art. At a young age, she had discovered her skills and fascination with drawing and as she grew older, she diverted to painting, both digitally and on canvas. Her passion for art reflects on her paintings and resonates with so many emotions. Michael believes that her daughter’s strengthening love for art is also a product of their support and encouragement. He admits that pursuing one’s passion, especially art, isn’t something that we Filipinos are used to, but he firmly believes that the key to enjoying one’s life is to pursue what he or she loves.

“I always tell them, it’s important that you do what you love, no matter how much or how little it pays. If you choose God first, blessings will come to you. But the chance of pursuing your passion, that seldom comes,” explained Michael.

Michelle Mendoza with one of her paintings

Michelle Mendoza's digital painting of her lolo

Apart from her family’s support, Michelle’s talent is also honed by her Suntrust community’s encouragement. As one of the leaders in the community’s recently formed youth club, she shares her talents in art through webinars where every youth within the neighborhood is encouraged to join. Moreover, the leaders of Verona Homeowners Association recently encouraged and sponsored her to paint the subdivision’s clubhouse which will be posted on the clubhouse itself and their office. They aim to make this not only as a symbol of the community’s beauty but also of hope and motivation for all young souls who dream.

Oil Painting of Verona Clubhouse in a 4x3 ft canvas

Watercolor illustration of Verona clubhouse

Aside from these, the family is also grateful for the good neighbors they have in Verona and the wide area they can spend family time in. “Verona is vast, but people really put effort into knowing each other and being friends. People here are generous and have great respect for one another,” he shared. From weekend bikes and rollerblades in the clubhouse, these simple moments with his family and a community that treats them as part of their family are what really make them #HappyAtHome.