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Most people put in all their efforts at the early stages of their lives for a more comfortable future for them and their family. That is also why many young professionals start to invest for a retirement home as early as they can, so when the time comes that all of their dreams for their family have come true, they can sit by the porch, watch sunsets, and do everything they’ve wanted before, enjoying everything they deserve in life.

For Suntrust homeowner Necie de Asis, she and her husband have finally found the perfect retirement home in the suburban wonders of Silang, Cavite. According to her, when she first stepped foot on Suntrust Verona, a house and lot subdivision along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, she immediately fell in love with its Italian beauty, its serene atmosphere, chilly climate, vast neighborhood, spacious houses, and most importantly, its close proximity to all of her and her husband’s needs.

Necie de Asis and her husband

Necie and her husband were both former Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Saudi Arabia. When they got home in the country, they first settled in a condominium unit in BGC, but the space was not ideal for her and her family of four. So when two of their children have finally lived on their own, the couple decided to purchase a space that they can call their home sweet home. 

Their eldest son is now living in Singapore with his family, while their daughter is the one occupying their condo space in BGC. The couple now shares the huge home and it's those simple moments of them together that they treasure the most, like taking care of their plants and watching movies in the family room.

de Asis family

Both senior citizens, Necie and her husband love gardening. It’s actually one of the factors that made Verona a perfect place for them. “The climate here and the soil is very good for gardening as it is near Tagaytay, so my husband and I love to decorate our front yard with flowers, and we fill our backyard with vegetables,” the 61-year-old shared. 

Apart from beautifying the exterior of her home through gardening, she also loved decorating the inside. According to Necie, this is the first time they had a house as huge as Verona. They once had a bungalow home before, but she said the environment, the neighborhood, and the house itself was so far compared to their home now. They can finally say, at their retirement age, that “we are home”. She also finds her new home cozy and homey because of the natural air and light passing through, as there are wide spaces between neighbors’ houses. 

Necie's home in Suntrust Verona

She designed the interior of her home on her own. She said she first wanted to make it Italian-inspired, but then she just wanted to make it fresh and welcoming, so she added some indoor plants, put blinds instead of curtains, added a lanai beside their dining area, and installed a small fountain for peaceful afternoons. 

They also have two white labradors which add up to their happiness as a couple. This is also what Necie loved about the neighborhood, they can raise as many dogs as they want because of the wide space. Her daughter in BGC often comes home with friends every weekend which is no problem for them because their home has plenty of extra rooms. During occasions such as mother’s day or father’s day, Necie said that she always looks forward to barbecue nights at the backyard or even going to Tagaytay.

Wide space outdoor perfect for gardening

Overall, Suntrust Verona meets every item on Necie’s vision of the perfect retirement home. But for her, what makes living in the subdivision the best is the fact that she gets to spend everyday with her husband whom she had shared all the hardships with. For Necie the simple moments in life, such as gardening or even just watering their plants, walking the dogs around the neighborhood, taking a morning walk together, and watching movies and series in the family room mean everything to her as long as she does them with her husband, her real home. 

de Asis home @ Suntust Verona