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As the property developer steps into its 23rd year this 2020, Suntrust Properties, Inc. (SPI) continues to envision itself as the buyers’ first choice in providing quality homes for the Filipino family. Suntrust has been aggressively growing its portfolio across the country to widen its reach and answer the rising needs of homebuyers each year. This wouldn’t be possible without the company’s bloodline, its dear sellers.

SPI held its 2019 4th Quarter, Annual Awards, and 2020 Sales Kick-off last February 26 in Pasay City which was attended by its 700 sales force. With the Night of the Oscars theme, everyone arrived fully clad in glitz and glamour all worthy of a spotlight.



Over its two-decade journey, Suntrust has long realized that the goal is to have a “clear path” so that the vision does not get lost in the process.

In 2019, Suntrust promised to be unstoppable – that there’s no stopping even in the face of failure and this event is a salute to all the Suntrustees who were able to deliver outstanding sales performances amidst the obstacles that they encountered in the past year.

Every year, the challenge gets tougher and the claim gets bolder. For 2020, SPI urges its people to work to their full potential because with big goals come hard work and dedication. SPI’s 2020 Vision: I Reign is clarity of one’s path towards their dreams. 

How does one create a clear path to success? How do we reach new professional heights? The president’s answer – DO NOT POSTPONE.

Suntrust President Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan addresses the crowd

“Bring out your potentials, your efforts, your energy, and your dedication today” said President Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan in his message to the Suntrustees. “Today, not tomorrow. Do not postpone, be the best that you can now” he reiterated.

Sure there will be obstacles and hardships but perhaps one’s perseverance is related to his vision. The company’s EVP-COO, Ms. Deanna Jean A. Claveria reminded its sales force about their why’s during her message as she stated that “beyond the material rewards that we receive is that deeper purpose why we are all here.”

Suntrust EVP-COO, Ms. Deanna Jean A. Claveria

“First, for every sale that you make, you help a family realize their dream of having their own home. Pangarap ng bawat Pilipino ang magkaroon ng bahay, at kayo ang naging daan. Second, for every sale that you make, ilang workers ang nabigyan ng hanap buhay. Ilang construction workers ang may pangtustos sa kanilang mga pamilya”

“You being here is not an accident, the deeper purpose is for us to contribute towards the realization of other people’s dreams” she added.

Truly, with deeper purpose, success is the journey itself. When one is fueled with aspirations, passion comes freely with purpose.

Hard work of the Suntrustees who continue to reign and achieve their goals does not go unrewarded for the night has been nothing short of generous. Other than cash incentives, home appliances, gadgets like iPads and laptops, two brand new cars were also given away to the deserving ones. All these meant to aid Suntrustees reign on their journey as a real estate professional.

Top Sales Division Head (SDH), Ediberto Potente, Jr. with the members of Suntrust Executive committee

Brand new cars

Suntrustees are living proof that when one commits to the process and clears their path towards their vision, their reign is unstoppable.

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