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Safer and More Convenient Payments: Suntrust Properties, Inc. Teams Up with AUB for HelloMoney App

  Real estate developer Suntrust Properties, Inc. with its subsidiary company, Stateland Inc. has teamed up with Asia United Bank (AUB) to provide its homebuyers with a faster and more convenient option to pay for their monthly bills.  The HelloMoney App, powered by AUB, offers an online payment system where clients can pay their monthly fees.

  This digital payment system eases the company’s existing clients’ payment concerns during the new normal, as it introduces a safer and more convenient way of settling dues. In just a few easy steps, the security and ease of paying monthly fees are done with just a tap from your phone.

  “Our partnership with AUB aims to address our continuing search for more ways to assist our buyers in their increasing need for better payment facilities. It provides Suntrust and Stateland not only the usual "Online Bills Payment System" but likewise a payment module similar to the easy-to-use and popular apps available,” said Ms. Vivian Bayaua, vice president for Stateland Credit and Collections.

  HelloMoney App is a mobile service offered by AUB that serves as an e-wallet or prepaid banking account that lets you access your bank account and perform your usual bank transactions through your smartphone. The app can do various financial arrangements ranging from fund transfers, bills payment, remittance, prepaid loads, to QR code payments. Registration and opening an account was also made easy with HelloMoney App.

  Since the country has started going through different levels of community quarantine, countless face-to-face transactions have been tweaked to adapt to the new normal, where almost everything is digital.

  “This is definitely a huge step-up on our payment system. Our current payment system involves the traditional payment through checks or cash paid over the counter in our offices or through physical remittance in banks or other remittance centers.  With the online facilities,  the payments will now be more on electronic platforms which can be electronically integrated to our internal process,” explained Ms. Claire Lastimosa, vice president for Suntrust Credit and Collections.

  Apart from being user-friendly, the HelloMoney App also allows homeowners to remit payments even without an AUB bank account. Moreover, the account user needs no initial deposit or maintaining balance nor does it have any dormancy fees. It also has a security feature that protects the account from log-in attempts from other devices. There’s also a real-time wallet balance monitoring to keep track of the balance and the transactions made using the account.

  “We encourage clients to pay through this method to keep them safe.  The facility accommodates payment for all our projects, initially for the reservation fee, down payment and monthly amortization.  Moving forward, we will coordinate with SPMI for the facility to include payments for management fee, association dues, and other incidental fees,” Ms. Lastimosa added.

  For Suntrust and Stateland homeowners, the facilities that are catered by the app encompasses downpayment, monthly amortization, Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI), electric bill, construction bond, property management fee, and water bill. For a safer online home buying experience, the app also allows payment of reservation fees.

  Digital payment steps for Suntrust and Stateland projects differ a little. For Stateland projects, select Stateland Inc. upon selecting “Pay bills”. 

Watch the video here for the step by step instructions:

For Suntrust Projects

For Stateland Projects (Washington Place, Gran Avila, San Francisco Heights, Casa Laguerta, and Avila Heights)


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