After a two-year limitation on gatherings, Suntrust celebrated the first Easter Egg Hunt in Suntrust Shanata, a 12-cluster condominium community in Quezon City. 

Organized by Suntrust’s Client Administration and Relations (CARE) department alongside a group of moms in Suntrust Shanata called  ‘The Shanata Mommies, ’  all the kids who participated in the said activity had a wonderful eggs-perience during the half-day event. 

Suntrust Shanata kids participated in various games and won exciting prizes. Suntrust’s official mascots: Sunny and Sunshine filled the room with dances and waves of laughter. 

“This is the first face-to-face event that we organized for the kids here at Shanata since the pandemic happened in 2020. Through this, we aim to foster camaraderie among homeowners and strengthen the positive connection of residents within the community.” said CARE manager Joan Heroza. 


When choosing a forever home, the pandemic has taught homebuyers the importance of a community, a place where residents feel safe, secure, and ‘at home.’ “Here at Suntrust, we will make sure to listen and act on their concerns. It’s a process, but we will ensure all issues and suggestions are handled with love and utmost care.” Heroza added. 

More than just building quality and affordable homes, Suntrust through its CARE group aims to provide its homebuyers quality customer service, compelling community activities, and a prime customer journey experience.

Suntrust Shanata is a mid-rise condominium community in Quezon City

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