Suntrust Continues to Move Forward with Another Webinar Guide to Greatness | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Resiliency has always been one of the Filipinos’ many traits. Through the years, pinoys  have proven that they are capable of rising above difficulties whatever the circumstances.

Recognizing the value of sound financial planning and property investment to thrive even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Suntrust Properties, Inc.  has organized another webinar for the Overseas Filipino Workers (OWFs) featuring Mr. Francis J. Kong.  Dubbed as “ Onward to Greatness,” the webinar was joined by close to a thousand OFW deployed all over the world last November 20, 2020.

The webinar circled around the importance of knowing, accepting, and understanding one's challenges before adapting to them. “COVID-19 isn’t a disruption, it is a reset. The world is reformatted, and if you stay in your old ways just because you are uncomfortable with change, you will lose value”, he shared.

The well known author and motivational speaker has also discussed the relevance of investing in various intangible things such as knowledge, energy, attention, talent, and most importantly, time. When it comes to real estate investment,  he reiterated the industry holds the safest spot, and how value appreciation helps investors gain more returns over time.

Guest speaker Francis Kong gives inspiration and life knowledge to the viewers.

Along with the previous webinars spearheaded by SPI and aired via facebook live, this webinar aims to provide netizens a free access to quality learnings. Apart from that, the company envisions to continue inspiring its sellers or Suntrustees to continue with the company’s mission of providing quality and affordably priced homes for the Filipino families. 

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