Suntrust Shanata brings luxury to new level | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Comfort and luxury shouldn’t just be for the chosen few.

Although luxury often commands a hefty price, there are those who believe that it should also be experienced by many especially those who work hard to ensure a comfortable future.

Given today’s highly dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle, luxury could also mean having some quiet time for yourself or being able to bond and create good memories with your friends and loved ones. Luxury, after all, can be relative to how you view life and appreciate the things around you. In the case of multi-awarded home developer Suntrust Properties Inc., luxury could also mean allowing residents to live the life they’ve always dreamed of while continuously weaving new stories of love and creating more milestones.

In all of its developments, Suntrust Properties continues to work doubly hard to ensure that it will be able to provide residents the comfort and convenience normally associated with luxurious, high-end developments thus making it a top-of-mind choice of many hardworking Filipinos.

The Suntrust Shanata for instance serves as a testament to its commitment to deliver high-quality projects at a more affordable price.

Given the development’s strategic location, well-thought out amenities and ideal pricing scheme, Shanata provides a conducive environment to raise a family and to inspire individuals to aspire for even bigger things. Indeed, Shanata is well poised to become every Filipino’s home of choice.

A quick tour at Shanata is enough to convince every future homeowner of the good life that awaits them. Here are some of the features that are guaranteed to provide homeowners utmost comfort and convenience.


Who says that clubhouses can only be found in ultra expensive developments? Shanata by Suntrust breaks the norm as it builds a highly functional clubhouse for its future residents to enjoy.

The clubhouse features a wide range of facilities and services that are guaranteed to afford homeowners unmatched comfort. Here one can find the impressively designed lounge area, a daycare, convenience store to cater to residents’ daily needs, the property administration office and even a laundromat and water refilling station.

Fitness facilities

Affordable doesn’t mean having to sacrifice one’s well-being, and Shanata is out to prove it. This development features a well-equipped gym that residents can use to ensure that they remain fit and up for the daily grind. It also has space for other fitness-related activities thus allowing residents to indulge and do whatever fitness workout they fancy.

Function rooms

Special moments are meant to be celebrated and Shanata understands this quite well. Highly aware of the Filipinos liking for celebrations and parties, it ensures that its function rooms can easily fit a group or host a big family gathering. With hotel-like features one need not go far to party and have a grand time with friends and loved ones.

Resort-like amenities

For a tropical country like the Philippines where summers could mean the heat index reaching high levels, a resort-inspired development is a welcome respite. And while often associated with pricey condo projects, Shanata seemed to have changed such notion as it delivers that resort vibe with its lush landscaping and well-designed pool. Talk about the ultimate R&R and you’re sure to have it at Shanata with its 25-meter lap pool, separate kiddie pool and a paved sunbathing and pool deck.

Safety and Security

Safety is guaranteed as soon as one steps into Shanata, especially upon seeing its well designed gate and guardhouse. Adding that sense of security for the residents are the well-trained guards that man and roam the perimeter of Shanata. Meanwhile, each of the units are equipped with automatic fire sprinkler system while standby power generators are provided for common areas in the event of power outages.

Spacious living spaces

Luxury means having enough space to move around and this is what Suntrust Shanata is providing homeowners. While priced affordably, Shanata didn’t scrimp on giving their residents enough space to move around thus making it truly ideal to raise a growing family. The Shanata offers three home options ranging from a 26 sqm studio unit to a spacious 54 sqm three-bedroom unit.

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