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 “Continue learning from people who are successful and whatever you learn from them, apply it and be better than them,” said company president, Atty. Harry Paltongan.

On Tuesday afternoon, the skies were clear and the cool wind blew softly as the Suntrustees showed up to gather, fully clad in their own versions of shiny, sparkling, and bedazzled denim wear. It was the 2nd Quarter Awards Night of Suntrust Properties, Inc,. an event held to applaud the significant contribution and support of the sales arm to the company.

The place was luxe and with ambient lighting to compliment the gleaming outfits of the attendees. The event’s theme was Suntrust Kinang, and it was held on August 22, 2019.

Everyone was "dressed for success" during the event.

In Suntrust, their battle cry “Inspire to Aspire” is often heard and said, but what does it really mean to aspire? The term aspiration has always had a positive connotation. One way to think of aspiring is the idea of reaching for the stars or simply moving upwards. Aspiration usually gets confused with the two other terms; goal and ambition.

Aspirations are achieved long-term; these are the sweet fruits of months and years of hard work, sleepless nights, failures at some point, and the eagerness to succeed. It is a driving force deeply connected to who we are and who we want to be.

Goals, however, are short term. A goal can be something achievable in a day or week but these goals are stepping stones to achieve our aspirations.

Ambition, on the other hand, is on the competitive side. It’s looking into what you have versus what others have.  It is what you want to achieve in the face of an audience while aspiration is what you want to achieve for yourself. An ambition’s motivation is less intrinsic.

If you’re part of the Suntrust family,it means that you’ve had quite a number of opportunities to listen to the company president, Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan, and he never fails to inspire his audience to aspire for something more.

Tough times make tough men

In July of 2018 when Suntrust officially acquired Stateland, during the ceremonial turnover of the key he said that ”it is in difficult times when real talent comes out, it is when we come to differentiate the men from the boys” as he also recalled the foundation of Suntrust that stood the Asian financial crisis. It was a strong statement that denotes the courage and gusto it takes in rising up and eventually overcoming a challenge.

Optimism for the future

With this acquisition, Suntrust is optimistic about what lies ahead for the company. In February of 2019, he asked the business partners network to also continue expanding and reaching more people. “Bring out the best in yourselves for the people you love. Expand and conquer!” he said. Parallel to the company’s expansion, he wants them to go beyond their limits.

Intrinsic Motivation

Top sellers, Julia Cabrera and Jay Potente shares the stage with SPI Executives during the awarding.

Why do you do the things you do? The most common answer is because of a reward that awaits you, that is extrinsic motivation. In May of this year, he encouraged the Suntrustees to find intrinsic motivation within them. “There is an internal motivation inside you, search in your heart and find that something whispering to you. You have the capacity to do it” he said as he urged them to search what truly gives them the feeling of fulfillment because people achieve more when serving a purpose larger than them.

With intrinsic motivation, the process itself is the reward.

The value of Resilience

This 2nd quarter awards, Atty. Harry wanted to ingrain in his people the value of resilience, noting that “all of us have problems, wala naman exempted sa atin, but despite all these difficulties that we face we should not give up – we should bounce back and work for our dreams” he said that because of the difficulties in life, the more that you should be encouraged to work hard and reach for the stars.

Other than the value of malasakit, resiliency is also one great Filipino value. In the recent Pinoy Big Brother Otso which came to an end, a Boholano who was accustomed to the simple life emerged as the PBB Ultim8 Big Winner. He took a 180 degree turn in his life by staying resilient through the challenges he faced. From living in a makeshift home, he is now a happy homeowner of a Suntrust Asmara unit.

SPI president said that Yamyam Gucong used his poverty as a springboard to reach his dreams. “Never letting himself be pulled back by difficulties but being pushed forward by his aspirations” he said.

Enlighten the path of others

Suntrust Properties, Inc. (SPI) President, Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan address the Suntrustees during the event.

The theme, Suntrust Kinang, brings forth an initiative that is to be a ray of light for others. Before the night ended and when all the awardees already received their recognition, Paltongan gave a call to action

“The trophies that you get here, so many of these that glitter in your eyes, I hope that these successes – ‘yung kinang at ‘yung brilliance na yan should not just be for you but you should use it also to light the path of others.” He said while pointing out that the successful ones are the shining stars that should enlighten the path of others to follow them or even exceed them.

At the end of the day, our aspirations will be our guiding stars through whatever decisions we have to make or path to take. Some will find it difficult to find their aspirations but that is when these “shining stars” come in, to light the path for others to follow their lead and eventually allow them to find their own aspirations as well.

Other than the shiny embellishments of the outfits was also the denim accents, Atty. Harry likened it to his relationship with the Suntrustees.

“The durability of our relationship is like the maong pants,” he said.“My relationship to Suntrustees who are willing to listen to me is very durable. Hindi yan napupunit.”

He also reminded them to “always remember the significance of denim; it means hard work, humility, and the sturdiness of our relationship with the company, with the officers and each other. It is here where you find a family, where your bosses listen to you and take care of you.

He ended his message with inspiring words to fuel aspirations “so listen to successful stories” he urged them, “but I want you to create your own successful stories, if others can then everyone can.”

On top of their regular commission, raffle prizes were also given away to further fuel their aspirations. For aspiring real estate professionals, we welcome you whole-heartedly in our family. Visit www.suntrust.com.ph for more info.

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