2017 4th Quarter Awards and Annual Awards and 2018 Sales Kick-off | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Celebrating the triumphs of 2017, the 4th Quarter and Annual Awards last February 22 cemented the memorable achievements in our 20th Year. Our Suntrustees proved the event theme ‘Enchanted: Discover the Fountain of Success’ as praiseworthy and truly magical, gracing the event in flowing, sparkling robes and pleated coats.

The immensely valuable contribution of our sales team made it possible to reach Suntrust’s Sales Target in 2017. To commend this vital success, we recognize our Suntrustees for their outstanding achievements: their notable citations and ovations, hard-earned incentives, and meritorious awards for exemplary performance are well-deserved. The top performing Sales Heads also received exclusive vehicles for their sales and marketing activities.

For 2018, we kick-off for yet another milestone — a momentous goal to provide more affordable and quality Filipino homes in strategic locations. We are awesomely inspired, renewed and always eager, to reach out to more families for their housing needs. We aspire more than ever to build beautiful and thriving communities where parents can raise children in serene and comfortable homes, where they feel secure, well-provided and at ease.

We at Suntrust #InspireToAspire!



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