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Suntrust closes the year with hope on its 3rd Quarter In-house and Brokers Sales Awards and Christmas Party themed “Here comes the Sun”

“Congratulations to our awardees, to our ice breakers. Kahit na mahirap ang panahon you are able to achieve these awards. I know there are lots of efforts you exerted in achieving these awards during the pandemic. And I'm hoping that this will serve as an inspiration to so many” said Atty. Harry Paltongan, president of Suntrust Properties, Inc. at the company’s 2021 3rd Quarter Sales Awards. 

Renowned residential developer Suntrust Properties, Inc. celebrated its 3rd Quarter sales awards and Christmas party last December 15, for the real estate brokers and agents, and  December 16, the in-house salespeople dubbed as Suntrustees held via zoom. The Suntrust captain gave a heartfelt personal speech as he clings to hope for Suntrust next year. He also congratulated and applauded its people for sticking through the battle of this pandemic. "Life is short," he added as Atty. Paltongan reminded everyone about the uncertainty life offers, especially these last two years, that anything can happen in a snap of a finger. He then ended his speech by saying, "People will never forget how you made them feel." leaving everyone a line to remember this Christmas season. 

Suntrust President, Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan

United virtually 

The digital event started off by sending a warm Christmas feeling to all Suntrustees, as the Singing Sensations grooved their way virtually through the celebration, resulting in a virtual dance craze. This was followed by the Christmas Carolling, presented by different sales divisions. Indeed, every talent was showcased and admired by all. On top of these, the attendees enjoyed games, prizes, and raffles. These served as an act of appreciation for all the efforts and hard work every Suntrustee delivered this year. Awards were also given to the top performers this quarter; everyone applauded as a sign of support and wonder for the awardees.  The joyful celebration was felt in every division; though it was held virtually, the love and care for one another were sent via express mail that day. 

United virtually 

Guest performance by The Love Project

A salute to all

In a heartfelt inspirational message, executives also extended their gratitude and appreciation to all Suntrustees, as  Engr. Leonora P. Gutierrez started, saying, "Big or small, your sale counts, knowing how difficult it is to close a sale considering our current situation and the protocols that are required to be observed. To those who fell short of the quota that they need to reach, cheer up because soon, and I believe, the transition to normality is slowly shaping up, because of the vaccination roll out being done by the government. And soon herd immunity will be attained.” 

Suntrust’s EVP-COO, Ms. Deanna Claveria, shared a message of hope as she gladly looks forward to having a face-to-face gathering early next year. Ms. Claveria said, "We all know that the past two years really tested our faith and resilience. The pandemic has brought about personal challenges to all of us. Yet, we have survived and thrived because we never wavered in our faith and hope that this too shall pass." she also added, "As we face the new year, let us not forget to look back with gratitude for all the blessings we have received, all the trials that made us stronger, all the people who made our lives meaningful, and of course, to our creator who has given us a chance to make a difference while we are here on earth. Once again, I would like to thank all of you for being part of SPI’s journey. Congratulations to all the winners and let us move forward and let us welcome a better and brighter 2022." 


Meanwhile, Jerry R. Rubis, Suntrust’s first vice president for Sales and Marketing, gave a virtu

Suntrust EVP/COO, Ms. Deanna Jean A. Claveria

al round of applause to everyone who not only exerted an effort but gave their best despite the uncertain battle against COVID-19 and for having the grit to continue and believing in the spirit of hard work. Mr. Rubis then asked everyone to give each other a salute as a sign of admiration and gratitude to every hard-working Suntrustee.  

Suntrust First Vice President -  Sales, Marketing and Training, Mr. Jerry R. Rubis

It was not an easy year for SPI, but everyone in the family held on to the idea of moving forward together, hand in hand. Though it was a coaster of uncertainty this 2021 for all Suntrustees, they will indeed enter 2022 with the hope of seeing the sun. 

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