Little Miss Shanata 2019 | Suntrust Properties Inc.

There is still an ongoing debate on whether champions are born or made.  But for aspiring beauty queens, the so-called X-factor can be attributed to both genetics (physical appearance) and upbringing (personality and talents).  That being said, seven young ladies from the Suntrust Shanata community have begun their road to stardom last May 4 during the Grand Competition and Coronation Day of Little Miss Shanata 2019.

The program started with an exhilarating opening dance rendition of Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” from the “Magic 7” comprised of Keith Esther Nambio, Krisha Gozon, Samantha Paulino, Trisha Secreto, Keena Odella Paz, Dana Maxene Bumanlag and Athaliah Santillan.  The girls also strutted in style as they introduced themselves to the panel of judges.

Shortly after, the candidates wowed the audience with their respective talents – Keith and Krisha rendered song numbers, while Trisha, Keena, Dana and Athaliah swayed to music from the oldies up to the 90’s and modern tunes. Meanwhile, Samantha showed off her drawing skills thru a time-lapse video and an on-the-spot drawing exhibition.

(Left) Winner of Little Ms. Talent Trisha Secreto wowed the audience with her dance performance to the tune of all-time favorite 90’s music.
(Right) Samantha Paulino shows off her drawing skills.

Donning their colorful long gowns, the lovely young candidates then sashayed the stage for the formal wear segment while being serenaded by Mr. Ricky Ramos, one of the program hosts. Meanwhile, Ms. Stephanie Kim Ramos and Mr. David Tiongson also rendered a special acoustic performance during the intermission.

Stephanie Kim Ramos and David Tiongson rendered an acoustic intermission number

Ricky Ramos delighted the crowd with “Just Once” and another special serenade to the contestants during the long gown competition.

The Question-and-Answer portion that followed was another opportunity for the Magic 7 to feature their wit and charm. It also showed the judges how quick they were to think on their feet.  At the end of the program, the title holders were crowned – Second Runner-Up Athaliah Santillan, First-Runner Up Trisha Secreto, and Little Miss Shanata Grand Winner Keena Odella Paz.

(From left to right) The night’s crowned princesses: First Runner-up Trisha Secreto, Little Miss Shanata 2019 Keena Paz, and Second Runner-up Athaliah Santillan.

The pageant was a collaboration among members of the Shanata House Committee, Sunrays Property Management and Suntrust Properties.  Its aim was to foster cooperation and camaraderie among the homeowners of Suntrust Shanata and the support groups that helped organize the event. It also gave the young ladies of the community an avenue to feature their talents, wit and charm.

Teamwork makes the dream work. (From left to right) Shanata homeowners and energetic program hosts Mr. Ricky Ramos and Ms. Ryan Flores, Ms. Stephanie Ramos, over-all event director Ms. Joan Heroza, and young musician Mr. David Tiongson.

The first-ever Little Miss Shanata 2019 was a success through the efforts of the whole Suntrust community, proving true that teamwork makes the dream work. Congratulations again to all the participants and their family and friends who supported them!

The Magic 7 with the SPI mascots Sunny and Sunshine, program hosts, and the panel of judges comprised of (starting from fourth on the left, beside Sunny) Ms. Ely Ladrera,
Ms. Avon Rosales, Ms. Krissy Hernandez and Ms. Arra Mamangun.


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