Reinventing Success: Suntrust, to hold its third Francis Kong webinar | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Esteemed property developer Suntrust Properties, Inc. (SPI), is about to set its sail high this 2021 as renowned author and motivational speaker, Mr. Francis J. Kong, is determined to share his knowledge among the public for the third time, and lay out clear goals for this year, eyeing only for one specific objective – success. 

This coming March 19 at 3PM, guest speaker Francis Kong will once again grace the screens of Filipinos living in the country and working abroad, for another inspiring afternoon of positivity-filled webinar, this time focusing on bringing back success amidst the new normal. Similar to its preceding webinars, the symposium will be held online, reaching more people here and abroad. 

From his first webinar, inspiring netizens to bounce back from the hurdles, to his second, where he pushed them to move forward to greatness, Francis Kong will help netizens how to reinvent their success in this new online seminar. Francis Kong is an acclaimed motivational speaker and entrepreneur who penned inspirational books. His works and seminars are celebrated by many to be highly and effectively encouraging and valuable.

Suntrust started holding webinars since the lockdown and has helped and trained a lot of its sellers, called Suntrustees, to thrive amidst the pandemic. After a few webinar sessions, the series expanded to a larger audience, going publicly online and reaching worldwide audiences. 

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