Suntrust 1st quarter awards and summer outing | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban made the line “every no brings me closer to a yes” one of the most famous sales quotes. This rings true to anyone in sales. That’s why employee retention in this line of work is really quite a task.

Suntrust Properties, Inc. does its task through its quarterly sales awards. The first quarter awards happened last May 21, in Shercon Resort, Batangas. With the theme, Sunstoppable Fun under the Sun, the event was attended by over 400 Suntrustees who pride themselves with their outstanding sales production.

This quarterly activity has been a practice of the company to recognize and give thanks to its valued sales people who have been supportive and to keep them motivated in order to continue with their work. Raffle prizes were given away to sellers with qualified sales volume. Prizes included smartphones, home appliances, and gift certificates.

Suntrust EVP-COO Deanna Jean A. Claveria greeted the guests with a gleeful message to commend the Suntrustees which finished with a request; “followers should share the responsibility and support your leaders” she said as she asks for team work and cooperation to attain success.

The company president, Atty. Harry M. Paltongan, for his part, encouraged the Suntrustees to find intrinsic motivation within them, to search for what satisfies them and what gives them the feeling of fulfillment in order to be unstoppable in reaching their goals and dreams.

“There is an internal motivation inside you, search in your heart and find that something whispering to you” he said “you can, you have the capacity to do it. Kaya mo pa ‘yan, kulang pa ang effort mo” he further added as he reminds them to never stop and to always strive for more.

Learning the value of intrinsic motivation is truly indispensable. People achieve more when serving a purpose larger than them. As a company, Suntrust seeks to define a purpose bigger than achieving profit – that is embracing the values of excellence and teamwork to deliver the best product for its clients.

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