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Suntrust Concludes 26th Anniversary Celebration with Heartwarming Gathering

Taguig City, November 14, 2023 — Suntrust Properties, Inc. recently wrapped up its 26th anniversary festivities with a heartfelt gathering at its Taguig head office. The event followed "26 Rays of Hope" , the company’s CSR initiative in Sta. Ana, Manila.

On November 14, the Suntrust team eagerly convened for a modest yet meaningful celebration at the company’s headquarters. The company's Executive Officers took the spotlight, assuming roles as emcees, talents, and usherettes, surprising employees with their participation throughout the day.

suntrust, executive officers, 26th anniversary
Suntrust Executive officer as the event hosts

A day of Festivities

The celebration was filled with sumptuous meals and fun activities. The morning program commenced with a thanksgiving mass, followed by a lively opening number by the hosts, led by the company’s Senior Vice President, Atty. Basilio Almazan. Executive Vice President and Treasurer Susan Gaw then took the stage with her welcome remarks, reflecting on the company’s humble beginnings and its present stature. She emphasized the collective importance of each individual in the company's continued growth, expressing hope and optimism for the future. “With great hope, wisdom from god, and optimism, let us all look forward to more projects, milestones and success for Suntrust,” she said. 

Another highlight of the day was the "Da Who" or “Who’s Most Likely to?” segment, featuring surprise revelations about key figures such as Suntrust president Atty. Harry Paltongan, Gaw and Almazan. This light-hearted segment provided a unique opportunity for employees to connect with the company's top leaders in an engaging manner.

suntrust, executive officers, 26th anniversary
Fromt left to right: Suntrust President Atty. Harrison M. Paltongan; Executive Vice President and Treasurer Susan Gaw; Senior Vice President Atty. Basilio Almazan

Malasakit and Company’s Future

In his Anniversary message, Atty. Paltongan recognized Suntrust's CSR efforts through the years, spanning from "Bentengkyu" to "8 Rays of Suntrust" and the current initiative, "26 Rays of Hope." Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, he expressed optimism for improvement through upcoming projects, underscoring the company's reliance on the collaborative efforts of its employees. Emphasizing the significance of Suntrust's cultural ethos of "malasakit" in the recovery process, Atty. Paltongan highlighted, "We are the company. If we want the company to be bigger, better, and brighter, that depends on us. Wherever this company goes, it's up to us." This sentiment reinforces the integral role each individual plays at Suntrust, underscoring the profound importance of the Filipino value of "malasakit."

Suntrust, employees, group photo
A group photo of Suntrust employees during their 26th Anniversary celebration

A Tapestry of Fun and Unity

The day's festivities continued with entertaining games and a raffle, fostering camaraderie among the employees. The highlight of the afternoon was the competition featuring the Modern Folk Dance Contest and OPM Trio, Kundiman, and OPM song contest. The employees enthusiastically participated, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable celebration. Despite the absence of glitz and glamor, the day resonated as a heartfelt and significant chapter in Suntrust's 26-year journey.



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