Suntrust Holds First-Ever In-house Virtual Awards Ceremony | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Suntrust Properties, Inc (SPI) continues to innovate to honor its sales force by holding the first ever Sales Virtual Awards ceremony last July 24, 2020 via ZOOM and Facebook Live Streaming. With the theme, “We Reign, Together We Can,” the company aims to commend the company’s top performers amid the challenges brought by the global pandemic.

Sailing altogether amid the storm

Despite the uncertainty and economic blow the pandemic has brought about, the company’s salesforce ,fondly called as Suntrustees, managed to rise above adversities to help the Filipino families fulfill their dream of owning a home.

The company’s first vice president  for Sales, Marketing, and Training, Mr. Jerry R. Rubis, commended his sellers by giving them a virtual “military salute” for their dedication and strong trust in the company and the people behind it. “In Suntrust, those who are not afraid to sell during a pandemic are fit to live. They are fit to be called a real authentic Suntrustee,” says Mr. Rubis.

SPI first vice president for Sales, Marketing, and Training, Mr. Jerry R. Rubis

Ms. Deanna Jean A. Claveria, the company’s EVP-COO has also expressed her admiration for the company’s top performers highlighting the importance of adapting to the new normal of selling. “Our June sales record has proven that we can still achieve our target in spite of the pandemic. We just have to learn to adapt to what is available, to the technology that is at hand.”

SPI EVP - COO, Ms. Deanna Jean A. Claveria

“The storm, COVID19, is still here, but that should not stop us from dreaming and from going on with our voyage, and from reaching new shores where we will find success and progress,” she added. She stressed how important the industry was before, how more important it has become today, and how the company should be more eager to help more Filipinos find their homes.

Finding opportunities amid challenges

On a different note, company president Atty. Harrison Paltongan reminded the Suntrustees that in every crisis, there is an opportunity masked behind it. He encouraged them to seek for these opportunities instead of dwelling on negativity, hopelessness, anxiety and worry.

“Business has a side A and a side B, the crisis and the opportunity. Our side B here is, COVID19 made housing more important. If you can find the side B of every difficulty, you will find the inspiration to take advantage of the opportunity in order to succeed in your desires and dreams,” Atty. Harry Patongan phrased.

SPi president Atty. Harrison Paltongan

Undoubtedly, the past few months have been rough for everyone, but like every Filipino, Suntrustees have used these challenges to emerge with new knowledge. As Atty. Paltongan had said, “it is in drowning when you learn to swim, and it is in these difficulties that you discover na marami ka palang itinatago. During this time, it is when you bring out your best.”

Even virtually, the deserving winners of the awarding ceremony received generous prizes, from luxurious wristwatches, laptops, and copious sacks of rice. Of course, the prizes didn’t only come from shiny packages, the winners were also awarded with well-deserved trophies and cash incentives, rewarding every hard work.

Virtual awarding ceremony

Suntrustees have proven once again that they are unstoppable, no matter what adversity comes in their way. Even in the toughest of times, we can rise above and beyond when we sail together.

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