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In these trying times, people, not only in the country but all over the world, are coming altogether to thrive amid the threats of Covid-19. This period may be one of the toughest challenges Filipinos and other people from different countries may have experienced, but it also wringed out the essence of humanity, compassion, and unity.

As Metro Manila faces lockdown, most of its population are forced to stay at home to help lessen the possible spread of COVID-19. However, some workers are still needed to regulate the flow of the people going outside their homes and to help save lives. In order to keep us away from harm, these “frontliners” put their lives on the line.

Homeowners of Suntrust Communities Initiate Bayanihan for their Frontliners

Inside Suntrust communities, residents crafted various ways of giving back to their frontliners – security guards, maintenance, housekeeping, and admin personnel for their courage, hard work, and dedication in ensuring the homeowners’ safety amidst the threat of the pandemic. Some of them weren’t even able to come home to their families for more than a month now, since the start of Enhanced Community Quarantine, and are temporarily staying under Suntrust’s wing, in their respective site assignments.

At Suntrust Treetop Villas, a condominium in Mandaluyong City, an act of generosity from the residents of the condominium community highlights their unity and compassion in the midst of this difficult time. They offered food donations, such as rice, vegetables, eggs, groceries, drinks, and even home-cooked meals. To show gratitude and appreciation to their heroes, homeowners at Treetop Villas also came up with the idea to provide supplements for the security team to ensure the health and safety of the men behind the community’s security.


Meanwhile, another Suntrust Homeowner in our Quezon City project has donated sacks of rice and distributed them personally to Suntrust Shanata frontliners- the community’s security team, maintenance, and admin staff.


In Suntrust, We Fight Together as One

Homeowners in Suntrust communities may have chosen their dream homes because of its countless selling points and advantages both for living and investing. But being a part of a caring and compassionate community is an absolute plus that most of these homeowners are witnessing more intensely during these times. Raising a family and building dreams inside a neighborhood that nestles benevolent and humane individuals is a dream for many, which come true in Suntrust communities. What sounds better than having a community that shapes you and your family into better, more caring, and more compassionate individuals, right?

This enemy that the whole world has been battling against is undoubtedly devastating in many ways. But as we join the fight together, as a community and as a country, we will win and heal together. In Suntrust, people love, people give, and people fight as one.


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