Suntrust Inspires Netizens with Another Free Webinar | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Suntrust Properties, Inc. once again graced the social media platform with another free public webinar, this time with one of the country’s most sought-after inspirational speakers, Francis J. Kong.

The real estate developer hosts its own series of exclusive online seminars for its sellers, fondly called “Suntrustees”, but later on took a step ahead and shared online learnings to a global audience. After its first grand public webinar last July, Suntrust held another free webinar that aims to inspire and motivate the public to rise above the challenges of today and to stay productive amidst the new normal.

The renowned speaker, author, and entrepreneur discussed how adaptation steers the wheel of everyone’s journey nowadays. He believes that “digital is the new default”, and therefore adapting to the digital world properly will help everyone thrive above the challenges and even beyond expectations.


The webinar was conducted with the goal of sharing a positive mindset everyone should adopt during these trying times. The world may be in a huge pause, but the people should continue to find ways to live productively. Through the symposium, Suntrust aims to help more and more Filipino families find the courage to move forward and pursue their dreams of having their own home.

Check out Suntrust Properties Inc.’s Facebook page for future online seminars.

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