Suntrust Inspires Netizens to Reinvent Success this 2021 | Suntrust Properties Inc.
Suntrust Inspires Netizens to Reinvent Success this 2021

Renowned real estate developer Suntrust Properties Inc. (SPI) encouraged the public to reinvent their success as 2021 ushers hope and limitless possibilities. Holding an online seminar moderated by trusted motivational speaker Mr. Francis Kong on Friday, netizens were given the opportunity to list down ways on how they can recreate the successes they had before the pandemic struck.

Following the two previous webinars conducted by Francis Kong himself, where he encouraged Filipinos to bounce back from the hurdles of the past year and to move forward to greatness, this recent webinar inspired them to bring back their success amidst the new normal. 

Suntrust Inspires Netizens to Reinvent Success this 2021
Motivational speaker Francis J. Kong on his webinar, "Rise 2021: Reinvent your Success"

“I have never experienced a crisis on a greater scale as 2020,” Kong said. He emphasized that despite the hurdles that the past year brought, most people have changed for the better. He recounted how Filipinos used to spend their hard-earned money on luxurious and unnecessary things before the pandemic, but now, we have learned to weigh what is essential and what isn’t. For him, the crisis taught us to see what are the things in life that are worth buying and keeping.

The positivity-filled afternoon emphasized that in order to transcend and recreate one’s success amidst the challenges of the past year, one should adapt to the changes and acknowledge what the world is in need of. As a man who believes that “digital is the new default”, he highlighted that businesses and individuals should turn to technology and embrace the digital world.

Suntrust Inspires Netizens to Reinvent Success this 2021
Francis Kong on fixed mindset and growth mindset

“Businesses jumped from traditional to digital ways because they don’t have a choice. Now, those who have embraced the “digital transformation” even before the pandemic are all a step ahead,” he imparted. Apart from this, he also explained in the two-hour webinar the different types of mindsets people should have in attaining successful results.

Suntrust Inspires Netizens to Reinvent Success this 2021
Francis Kong is one of the most trusted and respected business speakers today.

Francis Kong is one of the most respected business speakers in the country today. Having been featured in countless company leadership conferences here and abroad, radio, TV, and penning best-selling motivational books, Kong is considered one of the most sought-after speakers today. Suntrust started holding webinars for its sellers, fondly called Suntrustees, by the start of the pandemic, and has expanded to a larger audience, going publicly online and reaching worldwide audiences. 


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