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Buyer's Guide


Say hello to a whole new life and find the fulfillment of your dreams by owning a home at Suntrust Properties Inc. Bear in mind the BLT of real estate (Budget, Location, Term) upon your inquiry to our accredited sellers.

Find a Home

Give your contact details and desired project to our Suntrustee so that they can prepare a Computation Sheet specifying the payment scheme of your chosen home purchase.


Upon conformity, you will be requested to sign the Reservation Agreement, settle the Reservation Fee and submit the requirements needed to officially book the unit under your name.

Live the Happy Life

Once house/unit construction is finished and all finances are completed, the property is delivered to the Buyer. A joint inspection by the Buyer & Suntrust will be scheduled to verify all commitment is delivered. Prior to move-in, the Buyer is required to attend an orientation to be informed of the concerns and frequently asked questions of a homeowner in a Suntrust community.