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If there’s one thing COVID-19 taught us, it is to nurture what we have at home than to dwell too much on what we don’t have outside. It is normal to miss the outdoors, especially unwinding in the comfort of cozy hotel rooms during staycations, the warm touch of sun on a perfect beach day, or the mouth-watering meals when dining out. Now that quarantine guidelines are slowly easing down, most of us are still skeptical about going on vacations. But since we have already learned how to enjoy huge moments inside our homes, why not spend your supposed weekend getaway indoors? Even though the rest of 2020  have roughly been spent the same way, make this time different and more special by turning your own home into the ultimate destination you and your family were pegging for. Here are some tips to help you out with this brilliant idea:

1.     Turn your home into a winter wonderland


Who says winter decors are only for the holidays? It’s still the frosty season after all, so why not spend your winter getaway inside your home instead, cozied up in thick comforters with your loved ones, catching up on your favorite series? Don’t worry too much about the decorations, it’s easier than you think. Spruce up your living room or bedroom with twinkly string lights, blue and white interior theme, or even some pinecones to nail the winter wonderland of your dreams! You can even turn up the air condition to make it feel more winter-y.

2.     Cook outside


There are always tons of perks in having an outdoor kitchen. The air is cooler and fresher, you get a wider space, and most importantly, it makes the cooking experience as enjoyable as feasting on the food. So if you have an outside kitchen, why not bring your whole family there and cook together? Have the kids prepare the easy meals such as desserts and snacks, while you and your partner relive the romance while discovering new recipes. There’s always more fun in spending simple moments with your family, so if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen yet, this might be the time you get one.

3.     Dine al fresco


Of course, after cooking outside, you also have to complete the whole experience by dining out! Arrange some chairs and set a table complete with a festive tablecloth. Bring a basket of fruits and maybe a bottle of wine to make it look more of a picnic! Or you can even level it up and turn the whole thing real by placing a picnic mat on your lawn. Dine with your family picnic-style while staying close to your home. Now doesn’t that sound exciting?

4.     Add inflatables

Since the pandemic struck on a summer last year, most of you must really miss basking under the sun while swimming in beaches and pools. This year, you and your kids can still have that kind of vacation inside your home! Put some inflatable pools inside your backyard and complete the picnic scene with some swimming.

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